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[Game] Unicorn Phone for Kids

Unicorn Phone for KidsIntroducing the Pink Unicorn Baby Phone – a collection of enchanting baby games designed for kids aged 1-5 years, bringing the joy of a magical world to their fingertips!

This baby mobile, more than just a toy phone, offers a delightful experience for girls with various entertaining animal calling and educational mini-games.

Embark on a unicorn adventure with the Unicorn Calling Game! This engaging baby phone game lets little ones dial any number to connect with sparkling unicorns. Listen to their cheerful gibberish as they exchange delightful greetings – a perfect introduction to the magical realm of unicorn friends.

Explore the realms of communication in the Chatting/Messaging Game. Kids can send emojis, each accompanied by lively animations, creating an interactive and imaginative exchange. Unicorn love is expressed through animated emojis, fostering a sense of care and connection in this educational baby phone.

Capture magical moments with the Unicorn Filter Selfie! Take selfies with whimsical filters, saving cherished memories in the gallery. Sparkling unicorns in various filters bring joy to your kids’ phone, creating lasting memories in the magical world they explore.

Dive into the Unicorn Video Call Game, where animated characters come to life through video calls. Witness the magical world unfold as the characters move and interact, providing an immersive experience for kids on their kids’ phones.

Unicorn Jump takes the excitement to new heights! In this endless game, tap on planks to make the unicorn jump, collecting objects and fostering hand-eye coordination. Unleash the unicorn’s sparkling energy in this captivating game for babies.

Feed your unicorn friend in the Feeding Game! Drag the specified food items to the unicorn, triggering delightful eating animations and sounds. This game encourages responsibility and care for the magical creatures on their baby mobile.

Enter the Unicorn Hair Salon Game and step into the world of hairstyling magic! Shampoo, hair spray, dryer, comb, and styling tools – the complete makeover for your unicorn’s luscious locks. Immerse yourself in the process and create a truly enchanting unicorn outfit.

Unleash creativity in the Unicorn Decoration Game! Personalize your unicorn with hair, horn, shoes, tail, stickers, and even unicorn skin color choices. Let your kids express their individuality and imagination in this engaging game for cell phones.

Dive into the world of colors with Glitter Coloring! Select colors and paint adorable unicorns, promoting creativity and fine motor skills in this captivating game for babies.

Embark on the Unicorn Run & Pop Game, an endless adventure of popping and collecting objects. Stars and power-ups make the unicorn run faster, providing an exciting challenge for kids on their toy phone.

Experience the thrill of Unicorn Jump with Colorful Trails! Tap to make the unicorn jump, leaving behind a mesmerizing trail of colors and particle effects. This endless game combines excitement and visual delight for an immersive experience.

Unicorn Whack a Mole adds an element of surprise! Tap on popping unicorns and enjoy the whimsical chaos, fostering hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.

Witness the Unicorn Flyer in action! Soar through the skies, collecting objects in this captivating game for kids’ phones. Let your unicorn friend explore the magical world from above.

Bring out the artist in your child with Color by Number! Tap and fill colors on the specified numbers, enhancing number recognition skills magically and engagingly.

Engage in Size Sorting, a game that challenges kids to categorize objects by size. Develop cognitive skills and sorting abilities while having fun with magical creatures.

The Pink Unicorn Baby Phone offers a magical journey through a world of wonder, combining entertainment and education seamlessly. Unleash the imagination and creativity of your little ones with this captivating collection of unicorn games for kids!

Unicorn Phone for Kids user reviews :

Love the game. Specially the gilter coloring game is awesome.

Awesome game! Colorful graphics and fun learning for toddlers.

Wonderful! this amazing game is perfect for kids..in this game the way of unicorn movement and colors has lots of fun

Loved this unicorn phone game for my little cousins, they enjoyed and keep playing this game without getting bored , the Graphics are very appealing..your kids will definitely love this game

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