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UnpuzzleX  This game is the next in a series of my relaxing puzzle games.

It takes the best ideas and mechanics from Unpuzzle and UnpuzzleR and adds even more to it! Now with 17 piece types you have even more unique and interesting levels.

As always, you don’t need to read any tutorials to understand how each piece works – you can figure everything out by just playing the game. And it gets even better when the different pieces are combined, creating unique puzzle ideas for each of the new 250 levels.

Another important thing: progress is constant and there are no dead ends! If you cannot find the next move, you can use the hint, skip the level or just take a break from the game and return to it later. You do not need to restart any level.

You can play the game in two game modes, which, while presenting the same levels, create quite different experiences. Regardless of whether you finished the game in one mode or just feel that the levels are getting too difficult, try playing in another mode for some time and you will be pleased!

UnpuzzleX user reviews :

Best puzzle game for a logical mind I’ve ever played! The game itself is amazing and SO fun to play. The cost for removing ads and getting additional puzzles is reasonable, and the puzzles are challenging without being at all frustrating! I’ll be looking for future games in this series! *update* menu issue not worth deducting a star, so I’m changing my review to 5 stars. I’ve played through all 3 games and can’t wait to see more from this developer!
  • just some games
  • Hi Laura, Thanks for the kind words! If you like to give us detailed feedback on how you think the menu should look we are happy to listen! You can mail us at justsomegamesmail[at]gmail.com in that case!
Brilliant update to UnpuzzleR! Well made, highly enjoyable & addictive. The new pieces and puzzles are superb. Excellent! I’ve always been impressed and quite hooked on these Unpuzzle games, but frankly this third iteration has taken it to new levels. It’s got a decent level of challenge, without being headache inducing. Paid for premium today, well worth a few quid when it’s given me an enjoyable distraction for years now! October 2020 – slick update!
  • just some games
  • Thanks! There is more to come on these games and the other puzzler-games! Glad to hear you like the update! /just some games

As good as alwaus although the ads are on a medium level, i am getting a crash at level 137 on the gamemode where you only tap blocks so they slide around. It crashes everytime, luckily i got out of it by spamming the menu button and getting to the level select. This is obviously still a problem, this phone is a LG stylo 4. Could you please fix this problem?

I have never found a game better than this. I love casual puzzles games and this one really takes the cake. I’ve beaten every level on all 3 games and I just hope that the developers come out with a 3rd. A must have for anyone who likes logical puzzles.

*Updated review* Game had been fixed and working properly again! Such a fast response time to fix the bug that was freezing the game. I changed my writing from 3 stars back to 5. Thank you!

Earlier the ads didnt bother me and really enjoyed the game, in the latest update you increased the amount of ads to the point where it gets annoying and that will lower my rating from a 5 to a 3

Stimulating and engaging. One of my favorite puzzle games

Nearly perfect mobile game. So much fun to solve puzzles and they are all solvable but never super easy. The main problem is by far that the game is just a tad too easy. All levels can be solved with just some tries and clicking. You basically never really feel like you are working hard for it. But since the puzzles constantly get new puzzle pieces the game stays fresh anyhow. Just make it much harder and it will be the perfect mobile game.

Good game, but easier than the original game (some new stuff vs original game made the levels way too easy). Ads too frequent (used to be less). Basically ad after each cleared level. If less ads, would consider premium to support developer, but not with this frequency of ads in free version. Starting to feel all aboyt the money. Hearts not really useful feature but replenished quickly, so no progress lost and no waiting. Starting nr. of hints sufficient but not really needed.

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