Vampire The Masquerade – Can you outrun the hunters

[Game] Vampire The Masquerade – Night Road

Vampire The Masquerade  The elders have entrusted you, an elite vampire courier, to deliver their secrets. Can you outrun the hunters, the other drivers, and the rising sun?

“Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road” is a 650,000-word interactive horror novel by Kyle Marquis, based on “Vampire: The Masquerade” and set in the World of Darkness shared story universe. Your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

It’s a new Dark Age for the dead. When the Second Inquisition’s vampire hunters hacked phone lines and computer networks to expose and destroy vampires all over the world, the elders turned to undead couriers like you. For ten years, you’ve raced across the desert between cities, delivering vital information and supplies. But when an old friend reappears with a plan to disrupt the blood trade across the American Southwest, everything you’ve built starts crashing down.

Outrun the Competition. Drive, hide, or fight back! Unleash the powers of your blood in ancient Disciplines to change form, vanish from sight, or dominate the minds of your enemies. Employ blood magic, inhuman strength, and the creatures of the night to escape destruction—or just run your enemies off the road and keep driving.

Deliver or Die. All secrets have an expiration date—and so do you. Race across the desert to deliver secrets, promises, and threats. Do whatever it takes to drop off your parcel. But when the job is done, will you stick around to exploit the situation?

Run Down Your Prey. Only blood can sate the Hunger. Charm, seduce, or seize what you need, but don’t let anyone know what you are. If you break the Masquerade, your fellow vampires will destroy you for your indiscretions, assuming the Second Inquisition doesn’t find you first.

Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, or bi.
Hunt the alleys and back roads of the American Southwest to stave off hunger and resist the frenzied call of the Beast.
Join the Camarilla—the immortal society of the vampire elite—or break its hold on the border states.
Confront the horrors of your immortal existence in illegal hospitals, disease-ridden prison camps, and forgotten research facilities littered with failed experiments.
Modify your car for speed, durability, or smuggling, but remember—wherever you’re going, you have to get there by dawn!
Unlock the ability to play as Tremere or Caitiff with the Usurpers and Outcasts DLC.

Death is a hard road. You drive it every night.

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Vampire The Masquerade user reviews :

This game is great World of Darkness content! The writing is fantastic and I love the differences between clans. But I really think there should be a rewind or chapter select or something. I know it prevents cheating but it also makes it just difficult as a reading tool.

Having enjoyed playing the free version I went to purchase the rest of the story, however after many attempts I keep getting an error that won’t let me purchase any additional content. Would love to be able to purchase and play the rest of this compelling story.

Ongoing bug that resets progress to the beginning, only started happening after buying the Secrets and Shadows extra content. Shouldn’t have had to pay all that money for a bug that I hadn’t encountered in 5 read-throughs of this otherwise marvelous game. Review will return to 5 stars when this gets fixed.

If you play smart and turn on Storyteller mode, you can get a good ending with Hard Mode character creation choices. Going as a poor, mechanic AV-Toreador makes for a fun challenge (even when you have a certain pawnbroker as a retainer.) A huge thank you to the writer and dev team for creating a thrilling CYOA that explores morality in the dark setting of VtM. I truly enjoyed Night Road’s take on the lore plus the easter eggs.

An absurdly engaging, quick-moving text adventure that feels like a AAA solo tabletop session. If you’re not familiar with the setting then the world building info dump of the first couple of areas might be overwhelming, but once your character is doing jobs for the Camarilla the ride is smooth and riveting. DLC is also well worth the price, assuming you enjoy text-based games.

Awesome story with many choices. This would make a great videogame rpg! Love the clans and the way you create your vampire. The story is rich and each choice you make takes you down a new path which is fun!

Brilliantly written and so much fun! Most VTM games leave me wishing for more control or being able to pick a side confidently, not this one! Both Lettow and Julian are such great lovable characters it’s hard to pick between them. The choices never stop coming and the stakes never seem to lower. 10/10 buying the expasnions and playing again and again and again!

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