Viking Wars – Become a Viking leader

[Game] Viking Wars

Viking Wars  You are the heir to the throne, but your brother takes the crown from you.

Expelled from your kingdom you go in search of adventure.
Eventually you will become a Viking leader. How you decide to lead is your story.

Offline RPG focused on army battles.
Viking Wars has some strategy game features.
It has short missions of a few minutes.
Battles and fights in real time.
The levels are dynamic; they change every time you play them.
Characters are animated with AI.
The levels have self-regulating difficulty.
Players can change the difficulty manually.
There are different ways of progress in the game.

Enemy territories:
You must go and attack the southern lands if you want to gain power.
Each territory can be attacked from time to time.
When you defeat the enemies of a territory you can take their gold.
Each time the territories will become stronger and more difficult to attack.

Explore mysterious places to get the most powerful items in the game.
To claim the treasure of a dungeon you must defeat the final boss.

Viking cities:
It is where you can trade weapons and armor.
You can manage some of the buildings in the cities.
In cities you can recruit mercenaries and you can also upgrade your current warriors.
In the city you will find many allies willing to help you on your adventure.

Viking Wars user reviews :

Is a really good game with a great potential. Keep updating the game and make it better ! Really cool. Keep updating the game,one day will blow up

This game is great and certainly one of a kind. I would have rated 5 star but there are some very annoying bugs. I can tell this game is still developing but I do think that this game will blow up one day. Thank you.

Great game but I would like it if you remade it like fully new combat same graphics same story just fully new combat and landscaping other than that lovely game

The problem of this game is the navigation control.. At first when you start attacking, the controls are fine but when you are at crucial and you want to retreat to get another army, the control is going crazy.

I really love this game…. even though we had a lil problem… I recommend this game to everyone. Can’t wait for part 2.

Excellent game, graphics are decent, good story line, would love to see it fully developed!

Great game! It should be 5stars but I’ll just give it 4stars due to limited features. I’ll be looking forward for future updates. Goodluck!

Over all its awesome… Pls fund this game I’d like to see it get more missions and better way to get money faster

This game is amazing! I recommend to play it but there’s a problem the problem is that i cant play chapter 2!

Awesome game. Just needs a lot of work fixing the bugs.

Like Mount and Blade lite. Great for people who love strategy and action

It’s been fun so far. But kind of confused on the sword & how to make money. I go to the port yet I go nowhere & not sure what I’ve done. So my guy after putting it down for a bit & restarted he now has “NO” Head. Lol. Anyone come across one of the Dungeon’s?

So fun you can make your own castle you can make your own troops

It’s really good but if we had a army of Vikings I would give it a 5 star

It’s a really fun game I love to play it and I like the storyline

This game is something I have been wanting too find but needs funding

Just started playing and the first thing I noticed is the wonky tutorial just here attack these rebel. Who are they? Doesn’t say, doesn’t care. Don’t seem to be able to run. Just built a blacksmith, but will take 12 hours, so you can buy items that will expedite building, or I can quit playing and review right now.

It is a good idea but could use expansion

I love that this game lets you conquer new lands

Game is fantastic but there is one thing that needs attention is when you build a house it doesn’t takes one two or four hours, it takes 12 hours to build a home anyways the game is fabulous without any crash e.t.c i really love it

Hello. Thank you for making this game it is very good, but there are still changes you should make in the game. Make fights realistic so it looks good and, fix few bugs, add navigation arrow which leads to the place, add few more weapons and make the game more big means add missions and modes like PvP.

This game is really good i like it, reminds me of steel and flesh, but i really want this game to not be good to be the greatest game, i really want you to keep updating this game with stuff like heroes, weopons, armor, allys and more. I really want this gane to have more maps and it will change on what level your on. Like steel and flesh that have different kinds of maps to mountains, flat fields, forest and more. I hope the devs have a great day and i hope you will make this updates come true.

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