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[Game] Villains – Robot BattleRoyale

VillainsLaunching rewards
Rare Villain Character ‘Ming’
3 Collection Box
3.000 Gold

Game Story
In the distant future of space… You are currently trapped on an unmanned spaceship heading to the notorious prison planet , where all sorts of villains are held captive. There, all the control facilities have become useless, and the villains, driven by madness, battle daily to prove their dominance… What were you arrested for? Well, why don’t you just forget it and find a way to survive. Because the moment you land on this lawless planet, you’ll need to dodge missiles. Heads up!

Game Introduction
A casual 4-minute action game where you ride robots into battle!
To enjoy the game:

Choose your villain:
Various villains with unique skills
Remarkable artwork and character stories

Choose your robot:
Robot’s with rapid-fire, shotgun, drill, punch…
Strategic fun in combining robot weapons with villain skills

Battle begins! Harvest items to level up your skills:
Break boxes, hunt mobs, loot trains, secure supplies and more
It’s fun to gradually level up your skills!

The last one standing:
Try to become the ultimate winner on the narrowing battlefield!
If you fall, start again quickly with fast matchmaking.

Official Channels
Customer support email: service[at]

Villains user reviews :

Now this.. is what I call a great game. It’s both original and fun, it’s well optimized so even with playing in a low end device you’ll still get to enjoy the chaotic rumble, and you won’t be forced into tons of adds. Keep it mind, it is abit grindy but it’s still very FTP friendly so you won’t actually need to buy anything off from real cash, unless if it’s your choice. Overall the idea for the game is fantastic, and well thought out. Keep it up with the updates!

  • You’ve just nailed down the essence of our game design. We’ll keep the updates coming! (and don’t forget to check out the character’s confusing background stories if you like chaotic stuff.)

Fun game so far! The game movement is a bit slow or stiff. I’m not sure if I’m just used to faster faced games. Mini battle royale style.

Wth extremely p2w literally character you’re going to or you want to play as are locked behind the pay wall season pass BS stuff. You only get few Weak non likable free character 3-4 only. Like why would I buy season pass to get a character which deals more damage like why it’s not completely free? it’s totally Understandable if the character skins are locked behind the pay wall but here the whole character is locked behind the pay wall which is a sign Greed of Devs making game full p2w.

I love this game, still need some optimise the gameplay to make it smoother and the game mode are not enough to make this game more fun maybe you can add some 3vs3 death match! this game already perfect to make 3vs3 or 4vs4 because of the villains have their own skill and all the unique robot! as far i know only brawl stars is the best moba 3vs3 game but come on, you guys can beat them!!

always lags and then suddenly stops in the middle of the game. this game has been like that since i played it. but sometimes I play with him, what’s the problem? I hope you are fine. he’s still a good game. Im from philippines

Good game but I think very hard to get villains because I opened 5 large boxes but I just got no robot and villains. Large box is highest box in this game . Then I knew I shouldn’t buy boxes .

So far, this game is play2win, not pay2win.. and I like the trophy system.. I hope I will play this game for a long long time.. keep it up..

I hope this game will add the feature adjust low resolution sometimes it getting lag because of high resolution but overall the game was awesome

  • Thank you. I think we can actually use the idea as one of the solutions for the lag issue. Let us pass it on to the development team. Have a nice day!

this game is similar to zooba but this game is easy to learn and not pay to win easy level up the graphics is good

  • Wow. You’ve totally nailed the the intention behind our game’s design.. Thanks a lot!

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