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Vortex GalaxyVortex Galaxy : Unkown part of the Universe. YOU CAN FLY in the galactic nebula ! :)

Vortex Galaxy : This is the third of the four Galaxies.

Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy (3/4) ;)

Please comment ! Thanks !

+ Bug fixes and improvements.

+ NEW Option : Accelerometer Sensor On/Off.
Accelerate Camera left-right move (default ON)
+ Fixed Galaxy size on some devices.
+ Fixed Nexus 10 issue.

+ Fixed Galaxy S3 issue. Wow, fantastic speed !

+ New Option, Stars on/off
+ Reduce size
+ ICS update
+ link to GALAXY PACK

Thanks for help!

Vortex Galaxy user reviews :

One of the most beautiful LW I have come across. The other one that’s my favourite is Rays of Light. Great Job !

Found this back in 2011 when I had my old Samsung Fascinate, installed it on all my devices since.


beautiful wallpaper. I’ve installed it on all of my devices.

Gotta be the most beautiful wallpaper I’ve ever seen… And trust me, I’ve seen lots! Definitely my favourite. In fact, it’s one of few wallpapers that I would actually pay for… Well done to the creator!

I use these galaxy wallpapers on all my devices. They’re really beautiful! Looks fantastic on my tablet. Have recommended this app to any and all my friends with androids. Samsung galaxy S and Motorola Xoom WiFi

Video :

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