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VybOn  Get your Vibe On with the new VybOn Music Player by AMI Technologies. VybOn is an Immersive (3D Audio) and Virtualizer Media Player of Video and Audio.

VybOn 3D engine simulates 16 channels around users head 360 degrees. VybOn Music player render the music with Higher order Ambisonics and customized HRTFs. It is the first-ever Audio Video Player which Visualizes different world famous Music Rooms or Symphony Halls in combination with 3D Audio Engine.

Transform your mobile or Car into a world famous Music Room or Symphony hall just by a click. VybOn’s 3D engine renders the Music for “Out-Of-Head” sound localization. VybOn Virtualizer renders the Music to virtualize famous Theater Room, Symphony Hall, Music Room, Metal Hall and Cinema Room and list is evolving. VybOn Bass boost and Dialogue enhancer makes listening experience to the new level. VybOn effects work for Mobile and Cars. It gives a WOW listening experience to users on Phones, Tablets and Automobiles. It comes with attractive and simple media player UI to apply different effects on any video/audio playback.

Key Features:

Render 3D (Immersive) Audio playback.
Higher order Ambisonics and customized HRTs.
Render 16 channels to bring out the Magical sound experience.
Music rendered for “Out-Of-Head”sound localization.
Visualize famous
Music Room,
Theater Hall,
Cinema Rooms,
Symphony Hall,
Metallic Hall and
Lot more as the list evolves
Tune the Bass Boost and Dialogue according to your own choice.
Personalize the Music and save your tuned effects.
Customize the 3D audio gain and virtualized gain.
Automatic identification of all the video/audio files in your device, thumbnail display.
Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Repeat and Shuffle operations
HD Playback of video files
Hardware Acceleration for Video and Audio decoding
Drains lesser battery than software based players
Can play 1080P files if HW acceleration is supported in the device.
Smaller memory foot prints

3D Surround Sound and Virtualizer
VybOn Media player uses 3D audio technology with various Impulse responses to simulate any room or hall and render the music for immersive experience on any headset/ Phone speaker or car. 3D audio engine will simulate 16 speakers around the head and immerse the listeners in the Music with their own favorite virtual space.

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Please note:
VybOn media player is an offline local Media player app. It doesn’t support online music download video or music streaming yet.

We listen to our users
Please feel free to reach out to us for any queries/suggestions at contact[at]amitekh.com

VybOn user reviews :

Nice sounds. The app off by itself. It cracks sometimes. I love the bass though

Exceptional. Add Dolby premier sounds wonderful. Just need this for my Roku and windows 11. I would be happy to help. Salamat Po.

100% God bless the developer of this app, I’m really enjoying the bass. This is my kind of app.

I really enjoy this app. However, even after I purchased it (which should have made it premium) except acting as if it was not paid for it and still a trial version making me watch videos and stuff so that it worked… I am hoping that this issue can be resolved and it is a one-off. I hope that I do not find out that this is ‘normal’ for this app because there are a plethera of other apps from which to choose
  • AMI Technologies
  • Hi We have given an update please give it a try. thanks Support Team

Ex music player, one of the best Bass and Dolby super

Best app…i have been listening in my car and mobile. Awesome expeerience …..

Love this app, I love the bass boost, and more volume built in together to make my music more louder. I love loud music but most importantly i love and need bass boost in my life. Truthfully a Vibe on that ALWAYS keep me feeling like high. Its shake my head wit dat Bass is EXACTLY what i Love + Need in my Life. Music is what keeps me calm especially when i need it most. “Yeah this sound good in my car”.

Thank you for the great technique of 3d imaging as it was some of the greatest help the me and my fiance have had among decelerating from inappropriate drug use it’s saved our lives your among some of the greatest friends we have

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