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Waking Up Combining meditation and mindfulness techniques with practical wisdom,

Waking Up is a guide to unlocking the mind and learning how to meditate.

Follow one of our guided meditation courses and track your mindfulness habits with new sessions, updated daily. Meditate to go beyond calming or relaxing. Balance your mind, and meditate with guided sessions and mindfulness techniques with Sam Harris, a neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author. Explore the theory behind meditation, from gaining awareness of oneself to understanding the source of feelings like anxiety or stress. Through our meditation guide, discover philosophy and neuroscience in short audio lessons with Sam Harris, other teachers and scholars. Topics include: mindfulness meditation, mental health, how to meditate, gratitude, anxiety, neuroscience, awareness, meditation techniques, zen, stoicism, and much more.

4 reasons to download Waking Up:

1. Unique meditation sessions: Through a variety of mindfulness techniques, Waking Up weaves a meditation guide to help you build a mindfulness habit, meditate and go beyond the standard understanding of meditation.
2. Meditation theory to help you understand mindfulness: Ground your experience of meditation in practical wisdom, gratitude, awareness, and a rational understanding of the world. Learn the neuroscience behind anxiety, mental health, and mindfulness meditation techniques.
3. Daily mindfulness reminders: Listen to short audio reflections from Sam Harris to help you stay present and mindful in your daily life.
4. Free meditation trial for 7 days: Learn how to meditate, listen to lessons and conversations with mindfulness teachers, and build your meditation habit.

By following our introductory meditation guide, you’ll discover the benefits daily meditation brings to your own mental health, from awareness of anxiety to the focus of your attention in any given moment.

Guided meditation: Meditation sessions for beginners, intermediate or advanced users, to track their sessions and meditate in the morning, afternoon or at night.
Introductory course: Discover the basic principles of mindful meditation, as well as more advanced practices.
Daily meditation sessions: Once you’ve completed the introductory course, our growing catalog of daily meditation sessions will help guide your mindfulness practice.
Lessons & Conversations: Listen to talks on awareness, meditation, mindfulness, mental health, and other relevant philosophy and science.
Talks and guided meditation sessions from other mindfulness teachers.

Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times best sellers, including Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion. His writing and public lectures cover a range of topics – neuroscience, meditation, moral philosophy, religion, rationality – but generally focus on how cultivating an understanding of ourselves, and the world around us, can change our view of how we should live our lives. Sam has practiced meditation for over 30 years, studying with Tibetan, Indian, Burmese, and Western meditation teachers around the world. He received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.

This pricing is for our customers in the United States. Pricing in other countries may vary. Your subscription to Waking Up will automatically renew, unless you disable auto-renew at least 24 hours before the current period ends. Manage your subscription from your Google Play account settings. Payment will be charged to your Google Play account. Read more about our terms of service here: wakingup.com/terms-of-service/ and our privacy policy here: wakingup.com/privacy-policy/.
A guarantee of satisfaction. If you don’t find the app valuable, email us at support[at]wakingup.com and we will give you a full refund.

Waking Up user reviews :

App interface is clean & intuitive. Includes a variety of superb quality content. Of course, best of all are the guided meditations. Excellent introductory series for those who have never meditated, or done so very little, and guided under a secular scope by someone who has studied neuroscience, to boot. No woo, no wishy washy language, but rather technical, clear terms of what is happening in the brain and how this benefits the mind to sublime productive potential for all aspects of life.

It’s has changed the way how I have thought about the consciousness and thought patterns. The biggest take away for me is the being the observer of the thought! I use primarily the 10 min daily meditations, but also love all the various content such as: theory, practice and life! Waking up has been the easiest way to feel great, be in the moment and transition from one task to another with greater awareness.

The app is becoming incredibly slow to load. Whether it be the platform itself or additional data that’s trying to load, just starting a daily meditation has become problematic. The images don’t load, I can’t select a 10-minute session if I choose to, eventually things will load properly. I’m not going to renew if the app function isn’t improved.

  • Hi there, please email us at support[at]wakingup.com and we would be glad to help you out.

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