Weather XS PRO – Weather forecast for the next 10 days

[App] Weather XS PRO

Weather XS PRO

An exceptionally easy-to-use app to stay informed of weather conditions in your area and around the world.

See at a glance the next change in weather conditions

Weather forecast for the next 10 days
Hourly forecast
Fast, beautiful and simple to use
Detailed forecasts for rain, snow, wind and storms
Daily: dew, UV index, humidity and air pressure
Highest and lowest historical values
Satellite and weather radar map animations
Optimized for both phones and tablets
Great widgets for your home screen
Available on your favorite smartwatch. Full support for Wear OS
Severe Weather Alerts: receive useful information about severe weather warnings

Consult the alerts issued by the official national weather service on upcoming extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain with risk of flooding, severe thunderstorms, gale-force winds, fog, snow or extreme cold with blizzards, avalanches, heat waves and other important alerts.

Alerts for extreme weather conditions come from each country’s official national weather service.

Find out more about the list of countries with alerts:

Air Quality

We display data measured by official stations, more info:

Generally the five key pollutants displayed are:

Ground-level ozone
Particle pollution including PM2.5 and PM10
Carbon monoxide
Sulfur dioxide
Nitrogen dioxide

Smartwatch App Feature List:

Check the weather for your current location or any city in the world (requires main app to sync cities)
Hourly and daily weather forecasts
Info available hour by hour (Temperature, Probability of rain, Wind speed, Cloud cover, Humidity, Pressure)
Touch the screen to view the information available hour by hour
Weather Alerts: Alert type and title are displayed
Easy access, add the app as “Tile”
Settings screen for customization

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Privacy Policy & Terms of use :
We do not collect any personal information. In order to use our apps, please accept our privacy policy and review conditions for third-parties such as advertising partners.

Weather XS PRO user reviews :

The app works well and provides the perfect amounting of information. It would be nice if it had some smaller widgets, maybe a 1×1 or 2×1. The current ones take up too much real estate

Highly detailed and polished weather app, with dependable service. Great UI, great location accuracy, amazing choice of location data.

I truly enjoy Weather XS! tastefully designed with enough choices to keep my phone screen liking great on the regular!! Many Thanks Indeed and keep up the great work!!

If this app had a better, animated radar, it would be absolutely perfect! Not too fond of the 3-hour skips. A lot can happen between those 3 hours, especially in my area… So, I feel like a lot is left out. I’ve purchased the full app, I will periodically keep checking back when it is updated to see if the radar has improved? Otherwise it almost perfect app!

I like the app but the location keeps showing me thousands of miles away even with localize me set. It finds my location but then it will switch to the wrong location.

  • Please let us know if the problem is in the app or with the widgets or notification. There can be several factors that cause a bad location, please check the settings granted to the app check the accuracy given to the location. If you still have the problem our technical team will get back to you at support[at]

I use the the app, I don’t understand why the app changes locations every time when I’m in a different place. when I’m home the app isn’t constant to my location at times why ??. is the app supposed to be like that ??. now the app when trying to use it has errors of some sort until it works ??.

  • We are waiting to hear from you, do you still have the problem? if so, contact us at support[at] The app tries to display the weather for the location you are in if you chose “locate me” from the menu, you can use the search screen and select a specific city, this way the app will no longer try to locate you.

I already tried a lot of weather apps, but no doubt the Weather XS is the best !!! Thanks a lot to developers for great job!

This app is informative and very easy to understand. I am not technical but I really like to just know what the weather is doing and this app tells me.

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