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Web Sudoku  New from Web Sudoku – an app you can play offline on your phone or tablet.

4 free levels – Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil.
Check for mistakes with the “How am I doing?” button.
Play anywhere, pause and resume your Sudoku.
‘Pencil marking’ option for entering possible numbers in a cell.
Print unlimited free puzzles using Google CloudPrint.
Compare your time to millions of Sudoku solvers.

Exclusive to the app:

Unlock Extreme level, our hardest puzzles yet!
Landscape and Portrait mode supported.
Play left-handed – switch the numbers and grid.

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Web Sudoku user reviews :

UI needs improvement. Lot of screen space is wasted due to inefficient alignment of buttons and the grid. No facility for continuous entry of same digit across multiple squares. Lacks any customization of colors or theme support.

No advertising, no payment required, challenging…. and it’s free! been using the app/website for five or so years now, and love the designers/developers. Great work guys/girls/liquids/and whatever I’ve missed

Great game experience, no advert interruptions, no blaring music. Perfect solitude. Would love this app to come out with a multi grid game option.

The app works. Always. Advertising is there but far from annoying.

It would be a good game if the results didn’t disappear as soon as you put the last number in

I love this game, and have been playing it for years, first on the web, and then as an app. If you love sudoku, it’s worth paying for extreme. The only reason I’m not five stars, is that there have been a few attempts by researchers to create the “hardest” games of sodoku, but you can’t play these here.

Had several puzzles which don’t work! I’ve been playing Sudoku for years and never had an app create Sudoku that can’t be solved. Uninstalling it now

I’ve been printing hardcopies from web sudoku for years and now using the app as well. I quite enjoy . If there was one thing i could wish for it would be to be able to back up after discovering an error. I have to restart the game from scratch if i can’t find my mistake

I really love that this app allows you to put possible numbers in the blocks as a way to note what you have looked for already. Then it allows you to go back and take out the possibilities that are not going to work. I do that kind of notation when I am doing a paper sudoku.

With practice the Evil level isn’t that difficult. But it’s very annoying that an honest typing error prevents a results comparison. I’ve given up on their web based version because of the poor interface. The NY times JavaScript is much, much better.

Could make better use of the screen space to provide a slighty bigger board.

very absorbing experience playing this. the feature that it doesn’t require net connectivity adds to the charm . never gets bored of any waiting times. great feeling and addicted to it. solving the puzzles has become a routine

Excellent game, but the 4 buttons at the bottom are too small and should be the same size as the number buttons down the side. Great to play, ads do not get in the way.

Love this app. I have it on both my laptop and phone and it is easy to use and the evil games make you think. The easy games are really easy.

This has been my favorite game for years on the web. It’s just as fun on android. My only warning is that you will spend too much time at it!

Love it, I’m a person with simple taste, and this is the simplest yet good sudoku app that keeps me entertained, if you are looking for a fancy app you might not like this app

Small app, takes up very little space, option for dark mode, pencil in, can play offline. I’ve had this app the longest of any of my games.

I solve at least one “hard” one each day. Therapy for a traumatic brain injury. The timer helps measure progress.

Update broke the game. Defaults to night mode which is impossible to read in daylight. Screens fail to respond so no control is available.

Well designed, with good options for play level, showing errors (or not) and more. Beat Sudoju I’ve seen

Best Sudoku game for your phone. The PC version does not display ads. Wish the phone app had that “feature”.

Using this program for years. Now more than 1000 plays at extreme level and never fails to be very challenging. Extremely highly recommended

A great pick up and put down, as required, game that challenges the intellect and keeps one sharp.

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