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Found a recipe on the internet that looks great? Yum! Add it to Whisk and start creating your personal cookbook. Pull recipes from any website or cooking site/app, substitute ingredients, adjust serving sizes or, if you want to, just change the way the recipes are written. No need to continue memorizing the recipe edits or writing them down on paper.

Get inspired! Check out our community of home cooks for new gourmet dishes, quick meals, recipes with 10 ingredients or less, everyday healthy ideas, you name it. Add all your go-to recipes to Whisk and create your own personal recipe book!

Want to plan your weekly meals ahead? Unlike other meal planning apps, Whisk Meal Planner is entirely free.

…And best of all: with the push of a button turn all recipes into a shareable shopping list to use to buy food in-store & online. No more “oops! I forgot” moments when cooking! Use Whisk to make cooking more efficient and fun!

Here’s What the Media is Saying About Us

(. . .) all designed to make it easier to meal plan, make and share lists and, finally, shop – TechCrunch, Sarah Perez

Smart food platform Whisk helps you meal prep like a true pro (. . .). – Women’s Health, Amanda Woerner

Not only does this technology allow for a much better experience, but should help reduce food waste – Forbes, Tom Taulli


Copy recipes from anywhere: Yes, really, any website. Try it out. No need to take screenshots or copy and paste recipes into a notebook anymore. Transfer recipes directly from Food Network, BBC Good Food, food blogs, Pinterest and from all over the internet. Use the web recipe clipper on your PC or easily save recipes from any mobile site. Never forget where you saved that recipe again!

Edit recipes that you’ve imported: Add notes and comments about the things that you want to change and remember for next time. Maybe you want to sub in some healthy ingredients on that lasagna that you are cooking, or you want to add one more tablespoon of coconut oil to your new keto recipe….go ahead, replace ingredients and enhance your recipe cookbook.

Create your ideal meal plan for the week: an easy pork recipe for lunch on Monday, a healthy salad on Tuesday and a gourmet Italian dish for dinner on Friday. Simplify your meal planning for the week, save time and avoid leftovers.

Remember what inspired you: Can’t figure out where you saw that simple and tasty dish from Indian cuisine? Quickly access your saved recipe collections: vegan dishes, gluten-free baking, paleo diets, low-carb meals – anything you like!

Turn your recipes into shopping lists: Push a button and have your grocery list ready in case you make an unexpected stop at the store. Organize your list by aisle for speedy market visits and save time.

Get the groceries delivered to you: Whisk partners with popular online grocers like Walmart, Amazon Fresh, Kroger, Ralphs, Instacart and many more. Enter your zip code, select your preferred store, checkout and get your groceries delivered at your door.

Collaborate on and share your lists: Create a shared shopping list with everybody in your house to prevent buying duplicate groceries and to make sure that nothing is forgotten. Take the list to the store and save time as each family member takes a different aisle and – as items are picked – watch your grocery shopping list mark off in front of everyone’s eyes.

Share recipes: Just made the perfect smoked paprika chicken? Share it with your friends and family.
Make it yours: customize your dietary preferences: vegetarian, vegan, lacto vegetarian, pescatarian.
Smarter food decisions: All recipes which have been imported to Whisk include ingredient details, cooking instructions, and Whisk’s health score, with nutritional information.

If you have any questions, please email us at support[at]whisk.com.

Whisk user reviews :

I actually really like this app, but there’s a big problem: when Whisk’s network is unavailable, you can’t add anything to your list. That’s horrible for a thing that’s supposed to help you remember and keep track of things. There needs to be some kind of offline functionality to prevent that from happening. I also wish it had nutrition information and tracking as a component of the meal planning part of the app. The visual design is great! This app is Better than Bring! by a long shot.

  • Hi there, thanks for this feedback. Could you please send us more details about the issue via the in-app feedback form or at support[at]whisk.com so that we can check it? From what we know we’re not experiencing any issues with our servers. Looking forward to resolving this for you.

A year later and I’m still loving it! Scanning has gone but that’s ok. Really easy to share recipes with friends Love everything about this app! So easy to use, I’ve added links, scanned recipes and hand-typed them, added extra notes and photo s. But the absolute best bit is the shopping list. Or the planner. Or both. Did I say I love this app? Only negative is having the scan function in a separate app, but it’s pretty seamless so didn’t lose a star.

Amazing to be honest just missing a couple of features for my situation personally which keeps me from giving 5 stars. Good interface, runs smooth, recipe saving feature works good. Would love to see all ingredients amount converted to smart object. But it is good for what it does. Would want to see dutch language integrations and also a simple calories per day based on the recipes summed up. As I like to track my calories.

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