Wizard Choice – Make the decisions that will determine your fate

[Game] Wizard Choice

Wizard Choice  You play a wizard in this interactive novel set in a medieval fantasy world.

Stay alive, manage your spell power, find treasure, and smite evil. Wizard’s Choice is a series of RPG interactive novels that will engross you in a story while allowing you to make the decisions that will determine your fate.

From Delight Games, the publisher of Zombie High and Detective’s Choice. Written by Sam Landstrom.


Zero learning curve. Read the story and make decisions.
Health, manna, gold, and morale are tracked.
Outcomes are determined by decisions you make.
Score and rank at the end.
Accessible to blind users.

Wizard Choice user reviews :

Outstanding work. Immersive story, great characters, creative options. A thoroughly pleasant experience. SPOILERS: I spent so much time trying to figure out how to save my friend in the first chapter; I went through every option and still failed. In my opinion, it is the only disappointment in the story – it would have been awesome to go through the demon arc with Reginald instead of the paladin as an alternative option. Still a masterpiece.

A D&D campaign without a DM, this is a fun experience of what a good role-playing session can be like. I only have a couple of minor gripes. First, there’s no system that gives you either hints or some other form of option while playing. Second, with all the text the game can become a bit tedious at times. I’d love it if the game had an option that read the text aloud to you. Beyond that it’s great!

So far so good… What about 15-minutes in and lots of good questions like you’d expect to find in an adventure book! Unless ads start to fly out (they haven’t so far) it’s is pretty much an awesome quest with time spent on it. I haven’t gotten far and would be good to see how much the game can change with different options!

This is a great novel, and i highly recommend it. It has a very absorbing story and i love the stats and choices, which are well balanced. There are ads, but not long ones unless you want to boost your stats, i love the illustrations as well, a lot of time has been put into the artwork. This story is well written, and i find it difficult to stop playing. Good job!

This app is great! Well organized once you take time to investigate your options and a wonderful storyline. The “story”play is easy to understand. I rate it five stars mainly because of the way you have luck, Mana, etc. and how everything is set up. You don’t have to pay to play, or even to get lives or Mana. You can if your supply is low, but you have no need to otherwise. Even if that’s the case, sick it up and go back to your last checkpoint or the beginning of the chapter (God forbid).

(SPOILER ALERT) Great game, it’s a shame trev was cut-out so quickly he was great. (this shouldn’t make sense unless you’ve played) at some point in the future could you add an episode where they have to adjust to life back in ring city as the most wanted criminals or have hunting parties coming after them? Feels like there is more we’re missing, the lead into demons choice was well played. Reginold turns out to be pretty annoying towards the end lol

This is one of the first interactive story I have ever played on Android. Very well-written and definitely engrossing. Make your choice wisely, and you’ll see through the end of the story alive. But choose poorly, you’ll just fortunately need to start all over again. I say “fortunately,” because if you lose patience, I think this app is not for you..

Good work! The game isn’t like the other choices games, That focuses mainly on making money through their games. The way you made it so that we can repeat chapters and gain coins is really smart, I was so frustrated by other game makers where they either force you to pay for the game by slapping you with expensive choices using gems and giving you little opportunity to make gems. Or makes you watch ads forcibly to progress or making the player wait hours for just one chapter that ends quickly.

Simple, stress reliever, wonderful storyline written from the readers(which is the Wizard) point of view. No ads, No in app purchases, completely free choices story. I hope they write many more.

This game is more like a choose your adventure book but it is a well written story. The only thing I see that would improve the read is being able to swap some life, mama,or luck points from a high one for one you are low one.

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