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Wize BrowserWelcome to the next generation Web3 browsing experience. Fulldive is a Web3 browser that provides a secure and private way to surf the web with the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Privacy is our priority! Unlike traditional browsers, Fulldive blocks all advertisements, mining scripts, malware downloads, and autoplaying videos that put your security at risk. You’ll also enjoy lightning fast speed thanks to our built-in data compression technology. Get access to the sites you love or just recently got discovered without having to worry about your privacy or security. Fulldive has a built-in ad-blocker, popup blocker, and fast VPN for lightning-fast browsing with no restrictions or bandwidth limits.

Stay informed with personalized news feed. With Fulldive’s personalized news feed, stay up to date on your favorite topics and discover new stories in one place. Be the first to know what’s happening in crypto and NFT world by following breaking stories or by choosing stories that interest you most.

Stay connected with social networks. Post updates, chat with family, friends and maters, upload pictures all from inside Fulldive Browser! All of your favorite social media platforms are integrated into our browser so you can be social while surfing away!

Earn rewards while browsing. Fulldive Browser offers a unique reward system similar to play-to-earn concept that allows you to earn coins for every web page you visit. This way, you can have something to show for the time and data spent on browsing. There are millions of opportunities to earn points by completing actions like reading articles or watching videos – which can be redeemed for game items or cash rewards.

Dark mode switching at the flick of a switch. Fulldive offers a dark mode that automatically changes your screen’s color settings so it’s easier on the eyes. You can switch between this mode or your device’s original mode with just two taps of your fingers!

Fulldive is truly private browsing the internet. Fulldive is not tracking you and does not allow others as well. Over one million users are enjoying lightning-fast, secure and private browser with ads block, pop-up blocker, and Firewall + VPN. There are no reasons to delay, join Fulldive community today!


Fast VPN and firewall protect the entire device online.
Built-in Ad-Block to block annoying ads to give the joy of an uninterrupted internet browsing experience.
Private internet browser with a pop-up blocker.
Free incognito private internet browser.
Lightning fast, safe & secure. Stay secure online.
The latest world news at your fingertips, matched to your preferences.
Search engine configuration.
Sync bookmarks and history securely across all your devices.
Earn rewards.
Reader mode.
Browsing history.
Manage downloads.
Famous dark mode – view and read in low light.
Saves data and battery.

Social browser that lets you chat and comment directly on any website.

Browse your favorite social feeds: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and others in one place.
Sleek interface – we have no frozen pages. Web searching, speed dials, bookmarks, everything is one tap/swipe away.

Connection to Fulldive VR, a social all-in-one VR platform, where you can browse millions of virtual reality videos, games & apps.

To learn more about Fulldive, which has a free built-in 3rd party Ad-Block and pop-up blocker, and security protection, please go to www.fulldive.com, also follow us on instagram: instagram.com/fulldiveco and Reddit: reddit.com/r/fulldiveco

Email us at support@fulldive.com for your feedback and questions.

Are you enjoying our lightning-fast, private internet Web3 browser? Please leave us a 5-star review!

Download one of the best private Web3 browser app for Android today! Securely browse the internet with confidence, we are working on adding protected crypto wallet into upcoming releases.

Thank you!
Your FD team, protecting your browsing experience.

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Wize Browser user reviews :

Wize is seriously one of my favorite browsers of all time. I use about 4 to 5 different browsers on rotation, wize being in my top 3 because of the user friendly interface, advanced bookmarking features, the points system, the news page, and a bunch of other unique features that really make Wize one of my top choices! The only thing I would change is the fact that there are somenportions of the browser that u have to pay for premium to use! I think browsers should be free to use! No paywalls!!

Nice browser. Cool UI. Just started and loving it. Does what it says. Keep on improving with more features..Edit: Still pretty much excited in using the browser. Great way to earn coins and redeem cash rewards and crypto for just completing simple offers and browsing daily. It’s amazing. Highly recommend. Thanks

  • Hi! We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at support[at]fulldive.com. Have a wonderful day!

Impressive app. It’s quick, blocked the intrusive ads, gave me important news articles, fast with built-in search! However, I can’t expand images when searching Google through the search function. It lacks a dark theme and lacks a text only mode (no pictures), I can’t delete my comments or reacts on webpages (I get irritated with grammar errors). Privacy mode works well, but a setting is on by default to “browse with friends” and friends “follow history”, concerning me with personal documents.

So far so good! I’ve been using it over chrome the last few days and haven’t had any issues. The difference is sometimes I like to add a page I’m reading to my home screen and I can’t do that. Not a big issue though. Besides that it’s been perfect! Results come up fast, my passwords, auto fill can still be used. No issues,.crashes, anything like that. Works just as good as Chrome but with this you can earn rewards! Love it so far

  • Thank you so much!

So far what I can tell is this is a legitimate app. Four stars for now, will update later. UPDATE: okay the way it lets you comment on every single page gets in the way. I tried to scroll down the page and the nearly every time it slides up the comment bar. That is annoying. The ads at the bottom of the page also sometimes get in the way but at least you can close them out. Will remain four stars for now but you should really look into making it where you have to click on the comment bar to open

  • Hi! Thank you for your review. Feel free to email us at support[at]fulldive.com for any questions.

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