Wonder Tactics – Come up with the strongest formation

[Game] Wonder Tactics

Wonder Tactics  The ultimate strategic RPG you’ve been waiting for!

Pick and choose from over 250 Heroes to come up with the strongest formation!

Test your limits in various Dungeons and PvP Systems for a whole new RPG experience!

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You can play in English, Deutsch, français, русский, español, português, 한국어, 日本語, 简体中国, 中國傳統, Indonesia, and ไทย.

1. Unique Collection of Heroes
250 Heroes with unique characteristics
5 different attributes of Water, Fire, Earth, Dark, and Light
Various Hero types from knights to legendary dragons
Summon legendary Heroes of 1-6

2. Strengthen Heroes Your Way
Activate different traits of the Hero by using Gems
Use Fixed Evolution to evolve heroes. Use Random Evolution to evolve to a different Hero
Exceed the level limit with the Transcending System
Power-up Skills with the Awakening System

3. Simple Team Formation
Change up formations for different battle styles
Strategic battles using various skills

4. Various Dungeons & Battles
150 Dungeons in 3 difficulty modes
Special Dungeons including the Tower of Treasures, Raid, Secret Dungeon, Arena, and more
Challenge other players in PvP mode

Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
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Wonder Tactics user reviews :

Has a excellent combat system and a neat star up system too. Too bad its ruined by poor draw rates and an absolutly terrible power up and leveling system. Even if you are a pay to win player, the basic packs are super expensive. Look elsewhere. You are better off playing a different gacha game.

Been playing this game since 2015 and it’s been exciting that I do not even care any other games. They have unique events, heroes, etc. that I really looked forward to. But now this game is dying. No new events, new contents even new update, it’s just like it’s being abandoned. Now even the strong players have been quitting one after another; hackers in-game are everywhere and it’s sad. Now, I feel lazy even just to open the app. Please don’t let this game die. From 5 star to 2..

Awesome game! Fantastic characters, battle system, leveling, skills, graphics and interface! Great work!

Excellent artwork. Very helpful Auto feature. Lots to like about the game. The Village looks like a bomb exploded in a dumpster. Dreadful mess. THREE Event icons? THREE Special icons? Come on now. Get some organization. There’s about 40 things to tap in a space the size of a cell phone. It is bad. Then why the endless spew of popups? Are you trying to harass players to drive them away? Just put stuff in the inbox. But I do like the game, however the interface is a mess that needs cleanup.

I never stop playing. thank you dev team. if you are looking for a game to make sure you never run out of points/mana to play this is the game. Com2Us has been around for a long time. i remember play Magic Tree and running out of point to play and being pissed. i never paid for anything or would recommend the game. This game is different, i can play all day and i even pay items, not play points but eggs, and scrolls. this is how you make a game. youi can play free too and still advance. good job

This game is very fun and addictive compared to Summoners War and has serious potential, however the “village” is too small to enjoy seeing all the heroes you own and do far no way to increase your energy recovery time, looking forward to the updates

Excellent One of the failures of Summoner’s was was all the rng. No matter how much time you could never go in a direction in purpose. I tried Dragon Blaze for the longest time and what impressed me was the fact that if you wanted something you could put in the time and get your reward. I think Wonder Tactics picked both those aspects of those two games and made it better. I’m really impressed by this game, it deserves the 5* rating.

Last Update :

The ultimate strategic RPG you’ve been waiting for!

Mythical Hero Skill Power-up
Flora’s Gift Event
Shop and Mileage System Renewal
Mythical Hero Dismantle Feature
New Reincarnated Hero and Skill Balance
Labyrinth of Challenge/Glory Shop/Pet Relation Heroes/SP Update
Equipment Removal/Black Market Items Cost Down
Free Hero Modification (Tower of Treasures/Hell Mode)

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