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Word WeaselWord Weasel : Like word games? Like weasels? This is the game for you.

Word Weasel is a fast word game where you find as many words as you can from 9 letters in 50 seconds. Compete with everyone else playing at the same time, a new game starts every minute!

“The most fun you can have on your own with 9 random letters. Brilliantly simple, devilishly addictive.”
–Kim, Android Market comment

Ad supported, with ability to upgrade to ad-free full version in game.

Uses the SOWPODS word list containing 100,000+ words. They may be obscure, but yes those are words!

Word Weasel Change history:
– Tweak backend communication for more robust multiplayer games.
– Fixed a rounding problem where top ratings stalled at 99.1.
– Optionally capitalize letters.
– Optionally make clear behave like backspace, hold will still clear.
– Accept keyboard input where available.
– Warn if trying to use the same word twice, can disable via options.
– Fix a ratings bug.
– Optimize tablet display.
– Optionally shake the device to shuffle letters.
– Use a simpler, more responsive rating system.
– Add a rating, tracking performance over time. View top rated players!
– Leaderboard of high scorers for each round.
– Optional offline play to reduce network use (free version still loads ads).
– Switch to a more compact dictionary model for a smaller app.
– Show all possible words using the given letters.
– Improve letter diversity (no more games with four ‘A’s).

Word Weasel user reviews :

Always racing for time, even to read the results before the next game begins. Some aren’t even English words. Waste time when having to hit enter or clear the whole thing, instead of backspacing. Great for killing time, because can be addictive.:-)

Different than the other word games I have played.Playing against others against the clock is an unique touch. It is quick and keeps you on your toes .

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