Words and Ladders – Make it to the top before your opponent

[Game] Words and Ladders

Words and Ladders  Guess the words behind the riddles and make it to the top before your opponent.

On the way, ladders will speed up your progress but slides will set you back. Be careful!

Gallerino has a whole fair to visit, but he is always obsessed with a new game, before it was crosswords, now it’s a word search board game filled with riddles. He will teach you the ropes, it’s up to you to go out and play with friends.

Solve thousands of riddles
Join this board game with friends
Brain fitness! Not for the faint of mind
Be wary of the slides and aim for the ladders.

Will you be able to discover the word in time? Hone your mind, raise your vocabulary and test your general knowledge.

Do you like crosswords? Do you like to put your brain to the test? Then this is the game for you!

Words and Ladders user reviews :

The game is actually decent I enjoy the problem is lately the ads that play don’t have a way to exit them you have to shut the game down to get rid of that ad I’ve even tried installing it which didn’t want to but didn’t work I was on the letter Z I ran out of coins and I pushed watch ad So I didn’t have to start from the beginning of that part in order to get the last word done But I could not exit the ad and there’s no way to contact you In the app So far this has happened Couple times

Game hasn’t been updated in seven months with a new area still locked. Will not load for me any more on Samsung Galaxy A50 and Android 11. Says “Unexpected Error” with Retry button in an endless loop. Internet / WiFi connection is fine.

Forces you to give an email, ads are long and difficult to get out of compared to other games, and the game itself is too easy and not engaging. Were they sponsored by frozen and pokemon? I had like 3 Pikachu’s and Olaf questions in the short time I played.

Awesome game! It’s easy to learn, challenging, fun, and addictive. Graphics and gameplay flow beautifully, the characters are cute, ads are minimal, and you can play it with friends.

Simple and pretty funny game. Not much of a challenge for an adult I’d say (colour of the sky for example as a riddle) but nonetheless cute. Bit more explanation of items (shield for example) would have been great. The amount of ads in this game makes this a 4 star rating, there are just too many (after each game). Maybe add an option to purchase the ad-free game would be good? Edit: I keep getting connection errors, even when I’m on 4G. What’s up with that?

Questions are either extremely simple or completely unsolvable. Many of the clues are to vague, leaving too much room for ambiguity. Additionally, you aren’t provided with the correct answers if you’re incorrect. Some clues have multiple correct answers, and you just have to guess. Example: for the clue “A German city” my answer of “Berlin” was not accepted. There isn’t an in-game option to report questions/answers.

The game plays very nicely but the questions are insanely easy. I was able to get from start to finish without my opponent even getting a turn because if you answer correct, you get to go again. Not one question was something I even needed to think about. Had my daughter, who’s 5 and my 2yo son answer questions and they got the 95% right (while I spelled their answers). Make the questions challenging and it would be worth it but I’m uninstalling.
  • etermax
  • Hi! We’re really happy to hear you’re enjoying our game! Please send us an email at help[at]etermax.com so we can learn more about your suggestions. Have a lovely day!

Concept is good, execution is terrible. Want a free, one time continue your turn? AD! Want to end your turn? AD! Want to collect your daily prize? AD! Want to… AD! Also too many notifications. Some questions are insane, some are simple, but you’ll never know if you’re dumb or just unlucky because they don’t give the answer for you to learn. I’ve been in multiple games, trailing far behind but with twice the answers too.

Pretty interesting game, not too simple not too difficult ☺ just two thoughts: 1. It’s a little too buggy, app keeps on quit unexpectedly during the game, and always show “error occur due to internet connection problem” but the truth is I have strong and stable internet connection. 2. Some of the images have low resolution and even with watermark. I am sure the team can do a better work than that.
  • etermax
  • Hi, we are glad to hear you are enjoying the game. We are grateful for your comment, given that our users’ comments are very important to us and allow us to improve our platform and the service we provide on a daily basis. Have a wonderful day!

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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