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Wordscapes UncrossedLove word puzzle games?

Exercise your brain with over 3,000 challenging anagram word puzzles. Tap into your word unscramble smarts to unlock new levels with ever-more challenging puzzles and build your word game skill! How far will you go?

This modern word unscramble game is a joy to play! You will be amazed at how many words you can find in 5, 6, and 7 letters.

Play with friends and show them how inspiring you are! How many new puzzles can you unlock?

Everyone needs a break from life every now and again. A quick word quiz is a great way to escape boredom while also keeping your brain sharp! Wordscapes Uncrossed is the best word game to relieve stress while solving fun word puzzles. Download Wordscapes Uncrossed and enjoy beautiful and relaxing backgrounds while also exercising your brain!

Explore wonderful landscapes and challenge your mind!
Solve over 3,000 word puzzles!
Starts easy but ramps up fast! Can you beat the game?

Wordscapes Uncrossed is the latest new word game from PeopleFun, the makers of Wordscapes, Word Stacks, Word Chums, Word Flowers, Word Mocha, and Spell Blitz, played by millions.

Terms of service:  www.peoplefun.com/terms

Wordscapes Uncrossed user reviews :

I absolutely love this game (I adore anagram games). The game starts out easy enough when you first start out, but gets more challenging as you progress. I also like the changing backgrounds: it gets pretty boring having the same old thing all the time. What I DON’T like about the game is the annoying ads! I realize they are necessary to support the game, but geez! Is it really necessary to have an ad after just about level you play?! Come on!! I would have given the game a perfect 5-star rating if it wasn’t for all the ads. They are so darn annoying that I almost uninstalled the app a few times!

For whatever reason, the Android version of this game is significantly easier and contains many more ads than the Apple version. My wife has the latter, and I would much rather face the tougher challenge. By the time I get to level 500, I shouldn’t be facing two-letter words in a puzzle. Still, it’s quite addicting. But I might be done soon if there’s no chance of more difficult puzzles. (Is there a difficultly setting I’m just missing?)

Looks like a solid sequel. The original putters out after level 6000- too repetitive. I like the new music, and it’s nice to have a fresh take on the original. However, the piggy bank is a visual annoyance, and I’m not going to buy coins. You could offer an option to spend the 2.99 you ask for it on no ads, rather than your “sale” of 6.99. After playing to about level 90, I discovered whole groups are disallowed- presumably to limit good players from earning coins. Not fun anymore. Uninstalling.

Fun game to play! There’s no energy bars or locked puzzles that require payment, you can play this pretty much any time. The visuals are nice and the music is relaxing. There are also daily puzzles for an added challenge. My only gripe is that I wish there were more puzzles that had lots of hidden words to find. Other than that, this is a relaxing game for brain training or just something chill to play!

As you get further into the game, the unskippable ads get worse and worse, and worse…. It’s infuriating. Update: until the devs fix the unskippable, app-crashing, and tedious ads after literally every level, I’m just going to play in airplane mode. I’d love to support by watching an ad every now and then, but there’s only so much I can take when I do a 20 second puzzle and get 2 separate unskippable 30 second ads with an app crash after. It sucks.

Game was fun at first, but after around the 200th level, like 3/4 of the subsequent levels actually got easier…it became boring pretty quickly. Like someone else mentioned, sometimes a word was valid and on another level it wouldn’t be. And I realize ads are necessary, but blasting videos WITH SOUND when your sound is OFF and no way to stop them is really not cool. Played about a week and uninstalled.

I love the game but if I could just tell you a issue to try to fix please . Below the letters you swipe are adds and while I’m swiping the adds are popping up. I’m not even close to them but there so sensitive or something but it gets very annoying when it happens way to many times. It isn’t every add but certain ones just constantly pop up. I really enjoy the game maybe throw in some goodies in too, its Christmas Its worth downloading folks !!

Very addictive app with one major flaw. The Daily Puzzles make it nearly impossible to collect the bonus butterflies. For example, when there are 7 words containing 3 letters, you’re left to arbitrarily guess which of those is the “butterfly” word. Then if you guess incorrectly the butterfly moves, rinse and repeat. Make this more attainable and it’s a 5-star rating for sure!

I like the game and the idea. It is more challenging than wordscapes for me. I have both apps but this one does not run as smoothly and gets stuck a lot with swipes and videos. I would also love to see credit given for words beyond the number of letters allowed. It is not fun finding a great word and being told I am not supposed to use that many letters!

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