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[Game] World of Rune – Fantasy MMORPG

World of RuneWelcome to World of Rune, a thrilling and immersive MMORPG where you’ll embark on epic adventures across a stunning fantasy world filled with magic and danger.

With countless quests, dungeons, and battles to conquer, you’ll never run out of excitement in this action-packed game. Customize your character, team up with friends and pets, and take on powerful bosses to unlock new areas and uncover hidden treasures. Get ready to explore a vast and magical universe!

Four Playable Classes with Unique Abilities
You start out as a novice class character, and later you can choose a class. You can play as a Swordsman, Mage, Archer and Cleric.
Make your character your own – become a unique adventurer in the world of Rune.

Unique Card System
There are over 100+ cards in the game, each with their own unique abilities and stats. You’ll need to collect them in order to become stronger!
Collect and Level up your cards to unlock more abilities and powers to conquer different monsters and bosses.

Partners Formation: Combat with Your Partner
Call the best fighters in the land to fight by your side.
Collect partners as you adventure through the land and add them to your formation. Deploy partners to increase your Power and join more difficult dungeons and battles.

Trustworthy Pets to Keep You Company
Collect and grow mystical pets that help you on adventures. You can also capture monsters in dungeons to raise them as new pets.

Hunt the Boss and Win Rich Loots
Explore unique maze dungeons and defeat the Boss! Get rare and exciting drops from dungeons to get stronger and increase EXP. Take your character’s power to the next level by leveling up your abilities to overcome dark dungeons and powerful MVP monsters that you’ll encounter on your adventures!

A fantastic journey awaits! Become an unbreakable adventurer and overcome obstacles in this world!

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World of Rune user reviews :

2.5D where it seems like both 2D and 3D which is good animation. I’m impressed with this game. The back ground music is amazing .and the automatic game play is enjoyable. There are so many people online. So many good features too long to list out . I feel like too much advertisement for buying in game content covers part of the screen … I like this game.

  • Hi, thanks for your support! We always try our best to provide the best gaming experience for our players. If you have any problems in the game, feel free to contact us via in-game Support (click the character avatar – the orange “customer service” icon), or join our Discord server:, we will do our best to help you!

Best refreshing aspects of this game is its fair and balanced gameplay mechanics. Unlike other idle games where progress is heavily tied to spending money on premium upgrades, This game promotes a more natural and relaxed progression system. It rewards patience, perseverance, and strategic thinking rather than deep pockets. I love that I can make significant strides in the game without feeling the need to open my wallet. My go-to mobile game for unwinding and enjoying a stress-free gaming exp.

  • Hello and thank you for your support! We are always striving to provide the best gaming experience for our players. We are glad that you are enjoying our games. If you have any problems with the game, please feel free to contact us through in-game support or join our Discord server at We will do our best to help you!

Best game overall It is fast paced, not too complex and not too grindy, very enjoy playing this game. Highlights : 1. Stats system Event though some are not explained, it is quite easy to understand through some time playing. 2. Reward Good for F2P slow grind or P2P that want to boost its cp in short time. 3. Graphics Brings back old memories of old gameplay graphics, nowadays mostly focus on graphics not its core gameplay, which this game good for. 4. Controls Str8forward and automatic.

The game is quite fun tbh. Just because i cant make a topup on early when S2 launched (googleplay error?), i just kept playing as f2p. Well, not a bad game afterall, still can compete with many that has spent some dollars to the game. IMO: 1. Devs needs to add some functions and shortcuts ingame like potion and buff shortcuts. 2. The edges of the room inside skytower kinda hard to tap when it comes to mobbing style.

  • We already forwarded your advice to the team. Thank you! Join our Discord to talk about the game with more players:

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