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World Surf LeagueThe World Surf League is the home of all the world’s best surfers competing at the best waves around the globe to become this year’s WSL World Champion.

From massive airs and made barrels, to World Champions and the next wave of stars, to huge swells and even bigger moments, this is the place to watch LIVE events across all WSL tours – including the Championship Tour, the Challenger Series, Big Wave, and more. Plus, stay up to date with your favorite surfers, dive into real-time results, and enjoy premium surf content anytime, anywhere.


Tune into live broadcasts of Championship Tour, Big Wave, and Challenger Series events anytime, anywhere, completely free.

Get the latest video highlights, breaking news, rankings updates, and more. Updated daily, this is the place to stay in the loop with the world of competitive surfing.

Access an ocean of free surfing content, including podcasts and original series, past event replays and in-depth analysis, surf films and beyond.

If you have any trouble with your app please email us at support[at] so we can help you out.

World Surf League user reviews :

This app needs a serious fix and here’s a suggestion. Give a 10-20 sec grace period on ads. I understand 30 second videos when you open it up , but it’s like its rigged to force you to watch it over and over. If you accidentally go to another tab even for a second you have you have to watch another 30 second ad. If you try to go full screen and accidently touch the ad you open a new tab and have to go back and watch another 30 second ad. This can lead to watching the same one like 4 + times.

This is just a really poorly designed app that lacks basic navigation features and is riddled with bugs to the extent that its unusable: – I can’t adjust the volume in the player when watching videos – I can’t switch between the men’s and women’s contests (whichever one the app opens to, that is the only one I can access!). Using the “back” button will close the app. – Menus are cut off (I could only select heat analyzer for heats 1,8,12 because the menu was cut off)

Recent update to the app was a genuine UX killer. Something basic like looking at current event’s results tedious and frustrating – no longer able to toggle “show all results” and instead must do it one by one, which might have been fine if not for the fact that missing the icon slightly will result in it moving you to a different page, and then pressing back brings you to the list of all events rather than the heats page you were just on. Even the feedback button was broken, hence this review.

Good app, however i believe an oversight in the developers department. When I click on the fantasy tab at the top left, it takes me to the account settings, then I have to click on the tab on the right within account settings, and then it takes me to the fantasy page. So the link is wrong in the app I assume. Edit; still hasn’t changed after update

Could be great, but waaaay to many ads. The ads are too long and the same ads play over and over. This does not add value for anyone, not the users and not the brand. Make it one long form ad per day and show the brand’s logo or very short clips the rest of the time. I understand the app is free and advertising is required, but at least be reasonable..

The app is laid out very well and is easy to use. I like that I can select rounds/heats/individual waves. However, every time I select a video I now have to watch a 15-30 second ad of which most are repeated. I can understand playing them for the first couple videos but every time and then increasing in duration. It’s frustrating to say the least when the ad is 6 times longer than the video. The old ap did not have so many commercials

Just installed the latest version of the app 8.0.12 (189) on a Samsung A21. Thankfully the various streaming, buffering bugs have been fixed. The previous version was excruciating to use from the AU region. Would suggest use of adaptive stream quality (1080p, 720p) to improve UX and reduce server load. It’d be cool if you had a mid stream bookmark/share capability similar to YouTube too. Keep up the good work. Deliver quality video features in preference to gimmicky fantasy games etc.

Amazing, but autoplay inexistant on my android and that sucks. Looked everywhere in the app and couldn’t find it. Website has it as default, as it should. Please help with this. Otherwise, perfect.

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