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Wuta CameraAll-round camera app, natural, high-quality, and clear are its characteristics.

Known and praised widely by more than 200 million users.

Wuta Camera, nice shot always!

Cosmetic Medical Facial Edit
New “3D Rhinoplasty” comes online! From the root of nose, the bridge of nose, the ala of nose to the tip of nose, beautify your nose in high-quality multi dimension. Make you have a natural, tall and strong nose easily, at the same time with other facial features perfect fit!
More than 20 other beauty functions edit your face to make it look more beautiful and natural at the same time.

Best Skin Texture Template
Best skin texture template comes online! There are 7 skin styles to choose, which are classic, soft, cream, soft foggy, original, texture, men style. Having model face in one click, more choose more beautiful.

Special sticker style
Collect of the latest, good-looking and most fun style stickers, including many features, style filters, personality selfie elements. Keep up with the trend of the times, go with the fashion.

4D Original Makeup
Super lifelike makeup effect, without fear of all kinds of angles, all kinds of expressions, even when you are makeup-free, retouch skin tone using our exclusive skin smoothing tool with our camera.

Sketch Art Editor
Sketch function in direct shooting, color lead/black and white arbitrary switch.

Wuta Camera user reviews :

I’ve been using this app for maybe three years now. This is legit the only app that makes me look decent. The other IG and TikTok filters make my face look horrible because of the strong filters but this one is very light and subtle. I love this app I’ve been using it on my photos!

Very Nice Ive been using this apps from my old cp to new cp.. Id like it so much good camera its very clear just explore this before using then you can find the good one. 5 star.. I love it..

This is the best camera app I ever used since I’m looking for the best cam but now I’m not satisfy for the update it ruined the quality of the picture and their no HD option already

It’s amazing . i never ever saw these varieties in one app .it has all . Like editing, photo to gif,video to gif , makeup transition , everthing you need all in one just downloaded it and enjoying

This app is really so amazing. They have countless stickers with a variety of makeup styles, even for male faces and the makeup looks so real. The filters are so beautiful and the quality of your photos always comes out exactly as they are in the preview. I’d really appreciate inclusivity for darker skin because it is difficult to find a filter/sticker that doesn’t make me look like a ghost, but it’s not a great issue and sometimes there’s a glitch that turns off my music when I use the app

This app is truly amazing! This is the only app I’ve come across that lets me adjust the background lighting. The filters almost look professional looking, and really being out certain aspects of the photographic! The video is also nice, but sometimes it lags. I love the 4D makeup feature! The way the makeup goes on, it helps to really enhance my Korean features! I also really, really love the cute stickers

Nearly perfect. Like I really like the ability to control how fast or slow recordings are. The stickers are cute but I mainly use the live beauty filter. It’s very in depth. You can pause each recording by hand but I think once they manage to allow people to set how long they want the camera to record something and automatically time them in and pause the recording it will be perfect.

Never stopped downloading this app even though I’ve changed my phone a few times…..love it. But Vedios taken from this app are lagging a bit these days doesn’t record in sync with the audio the recorded version is slower than the music….especially if I want to lip sync…it wasn’t like this before. Anyway I’m going to update the app and see if the problem goes away. . . I did update the app but the problem is still there

This is the best of the best selfie beauty camera that i’ve ever ever downloaded. Thank you so much for this app… I never knew not until I asked my friend of what’s her using app made her captured always looking beautiful, vivid background.

my mom bought this phone 2 years ago, and that day, i discovered this app and i found it that it was so good! i install a lot of beauty app and for me, this is the best beauty app ever! i’m still using this even i install it 2 years ago. thank you so much and sorry because i don’t know how to speak english fluently.

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