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Wuthering WavesWuthering Waves is a story-rich open-world action RPG with a high degree of freedom. You wake from your slumber as Rover, joined by a vibrant cast of Resonators on a journey to reclaim your lost memories and surmount the Lament.

Welcome aboard, roving voyager.
Upon the shores lay the silent embers of a world during the Ebb Tide.
Desolated by the Lament, the erstwhile creations and earthly beings are left static.
But they strike back, strong enough to penetrate the silence.
Humanity has risen anew from the ashes of the apocalypse.
And you, Rover, are poised for an adventure of Awakening.
Companions to meet, enemies to conquer, new powers to gain, hidden truths to unveil, and unseen spectacles to behold… A vast world of endless possibilities awaits. The choice rests in your hands. Be the answer, be the leader, and follow the sounds to arrive at a new future.
As Wuthering Waves echo endlessly, mankind set sail on a new journey.
Rise and embark on your odyssey, Rover.

Desolated by the Lament, civilization is born anew / Delve into an expansive world
Embrace high degrees of freedom in immersive overworld explorations. Utilize grapple and wall dash to travel great distances and overcome obstacles with little strain for stamina consumed. As the world of Solaris-3 unfolds, your lost memory begins to see its recovery through this ceaseless quest.

Strike fast and unleash your inner warrior / Engage in smooth & fast-paced combat
Avail against enemy attacks in smooth and fast-paced combat. Apply easy controls of Dodge, Counterattack, Echo Skill, and unique QTE mechanisms that allow the fullest possibility of battle experience.

Forte awakened, journey alongside your companions / Encounter Resonators
Compose a harmonious battle concerto with Resonators of different abilities. Their unique Fortes revealing distinctive personalities will be your strong assets for the journey ahead.

Power of your foes at your command / Collect Echoes to aid you in battle
Capture lingering phantoms of Tacet Discords to harness your own Echoes. Upon this mystic land of everlasting reverberations, master a diverse array of Echo Skills to defeat formidable enemies.

Official Social Media
Official Website: wutheringwaves.kurogames.com/en/
X (Twitter): twitter.com/Wuthering_Waves
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WutheringWaves.Official
YouTube: www.youtube.com/@WutheringWaves
Discord: discord.com/invite/wutheringwaves
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/WutheringWaves/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wuthering_waves
Tik Tok: www.tiktok.com/@wutheringwaves_official

Wuthering Waves user reviews :

The storyline and worldbuilding are amazing and immersive, not to mention the beautiful character designs. My favorite part of the game is definitely the combat! Dodging and parrying is a really fun mechanic to use. I also adore exploring, and I find myself playing for hours just to 100% explore the map. Although there is some lag, for a game that’s just been released, it’s very high quality. It’s a game that I look forward to continuing!

I’ve gotten this game on my pc, phone, and iPad, and it works on none of them. I’ve had genshin, star rail, etc on all three devices, and they’ve run just fine. The game seems like so much fun, and I want to play it, but the game is constantly crashing or just freezing on the loading screen. I can’t play it for more than a minute or not at all. I am getting fomo seeing other people playing it, and I don’t want to miss characters/anything else in the game!!

This game is very fun to play, but the stupid auto targeting is so annoying. It stays locked on to one target and ignores the ones closer to me. It’s too hard to untarget using my phone. This needs to be fixed. Add a setting or something. I thought I removed it, but sometimes it pops up at the worst times and annoys me to my core. Other than that the game is fun to play.

This is just getting plain annoying. I have a samsung s20 FE, and I believe that my processor is at least compatible with the game. I also have plenty of storage space, so why do I keep crashing at random points of the day? The game play could last an hour or more before crashing, but other times, it would just lag and crash within minutes of logging in. Please, just fix the compatibility!

  • Dear Rover: we are sorry for bringing you a bad gaming experience. We are currently working on the issues and trying to fix them as soon as possible. If you have further concern about the problem, please do not hesitate to contact us via: wutheringwaves_ensupport[at]kurogames.com. Thank you for your constant attention and support!

The game is beautiful, but when I try to play it, I keep crashing out of the blue. My phone is fine and can run it just fine. Something in the game keeps making my game crash for some reason. The crashes are really annoying. I would love to play a lot more if it would not crash from whatever is in the game is making it crash. Pretty Please fix whatever is happening to it. Thank you so much!

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