WWE Champions – Send your team into a WWE ring to test your fighting skills

WWE Champions

WWE Champions  WWE Champions : WWE Old School…WWE New School…Let’s Settle This!

Your dream rivalries and battles are happening live, in WWE Champions. Create and customize your ultimate team of Superstars and battle them across the generations of the WWE’s greatest anytime in one game. The fast paced action is easy to learn while rewarding skill and quick thinking; so come join a community of fellow WWE fans battling for reputation, power, and bragging rights in WWE Champions.

The Iconic Superstars of the 80’s and 90’s through Today
Now you can assemble the dream roster of champions from the history of the WWE. The Rock, Undertaker, Macho Man Randy Savage, John Cena, Triple H, Big Show, Andre The Giant and more Legends and current Superstars are ready to enter the ring.

Customize Your Dream Team
Upgrade and tailor your superstar’s skills to improve their power and customize the epic moves you want. Combine a wide variety of superstars, skills, and upgrades to build your completely unique team.

Enter the Ring With Friends
Team up or battle against your friends anytime. It’s easy to challenge your friends to a match anytime to earn bragging rights. Or, combine forces with friends to tag team with rivals around the world.
It’s Always Live
Just like the WWE, Champions is evolving year-round. Recruit up and coming Superstars. Join the community in weekly bouts that re-create the coming Smackdown and Raw battles, and monthly title events.
Fast and Intense Battling
WWE Champions unique puzzle-battle system tests your quick thinking and rewards skillful play as your Superstar gains power from your moves. Unlock and unleash epic moves, or fight your way out of a desperate situation in action battles that you can finish in less than five minutes anytime, anywhere.

WWE Champions user reviews :

This game can be fun when it works. Most of the time you can play one match then during the second or maybe third match the app will close itself. If course when that happens your players lose all their life and become injured. Even if you are winning! It sucks!

This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played. In puzzle genre this is the best. The only problem is that I am a Fiend fan and waiting for the update. Please add The Fiend and the new superstars like Ricochet, Umberto Carrillo, Tyson Fury, etc. Thanks for an awesome game.

Great game. I have to uninstall it after it closes to play it again. I was also charged twice for DLC, the app closed as I was selecting payment info.. can you please refund the purchase? Other than uninstalling it every time I want to play it, I have no problems. Other than that double charge.

It’s such a fun game. I enjoy this game a lot but there is a lot of quirks. Such as, it’s laggy and sometime shuts down at the worse timing. Besides the technical sides, although it’s getting a little better, getting the best prizes (rewards, tp, posters) is very tough. Overall, it really is a fun game, it’s a little strategic and a good way to pass time.

Love it, pretty good graphics and lors of superstars to choose from. Update, finally got another female superstar yes now i have 3 Nattie, Miss Bliss and Naome Nattie and Miss Bliss i have them only at level 30 Naome is at 24 right now/ My strongest and highest superstar and one of my favorites is Sting he is at 43. It does freeze up and lag but all in all i love this game.

Very fun Its like candy crush all you have to do is get shapes in a row for you to do damage

Game does not start on nexus 6

Game has potential few bugs fuxes gere and there and the alliance is a big waste at the moment.. Everytime I level up to 19, I wake up Im back to level 18.. And the daily events are 62% completed everytime they start.

Latest Update :

Greetings Champions!
Our latest Update crushed some bugs. Visit wwechampions.com for the full changelog.

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