WWE Undefeated – Battle your way to the top in these spectacular WWE events

[Game] WWE Undefeated

WWE Undefeated  Play the newest WWE mobile game featuring real-time head-to-head competition.

Designed from the ground up for mobile, this multiplayer action game presents quick-session matches that blend fast arcade-style action with strategic depth of an RPG. Collect and upgrade signature moves to build up your WWE Superstar’s and Legend’s arsenal to dominate and defeat your opponents.

Play as your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends, including The Rock, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, Drew McIntyre, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, and more. Experience over-the-top action with outrageous attacks, exaggerated poses, and unbelievable moves. Connect with a faction to share moves and strategies. Show the world what you’ve got on your epic quest to become the ultimate WWE Champion.

Brawl head-to-head with live opponents from around the world in real-time PvP action. This is a game where skills matter.

Collect, upgrade, and customize your WWE Superstars and Legends with a host of different wrestling signature moves and finishers. Be strategic about what moves work best together to outsmart your opponent on the main stage.

Join a faction to share wrestling moves, tips and tricks. Be connected to your own WWE community. Team up with your friends to dominate your opponents in unique alliance events. Engage in special alliance missions to earn additional rewards. Dominate the WWE Universe as a faction like no other.

Outrageous attacks. Exaggerated poses. Unbelievable moves. The action and the mayhem are larger-than-life in WWE Undefeated.

Battle your way to the top in these spectacular WWE events, such as WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and more.

Take your WWE Superstars and Legends to fight in extraordinary and marvelous environments including the Taj Mahal, Shibuya Crossing, Easter Island, and many more.

WWE Undefeated user reviews :

Okay, so the gameplay really sucks as soon as you find a real opponent. It lags like hell and there’s so much delay. However if you play with bots, everything’s gonna be fine. But if you play with a real time opponent, you’re gonna have a frustrating experience especially if you’re in a higher league coz even though it’s not your fault, the game’s gonna mess your league and your overall experience.

Downloaded this game just to give it a chance as I’ve always enjoyed playing wwe games and it didn’t disappoint. The game is good it has a play style like WWE Immortals mixed with WWE Universe and it is easy to pick up and play. Only issue is it’s missing something, the only thing you can do is battle another player, that’s it one game mode I think it needs something else maybe a story or something like that to make it shine because it has a lot of potential.

This game is quite fun to play. Before the update I used to be get kicked once in a while but after the update its happening frequently. Another thing is really irritating that you have to wait too long to open boxes.No other way to decrease the time.Please add some more modes as well to make it fun.Like,classic, friends vs friends etc.Hope you guys will consider and I promise to come for 5 star. Thank you.

The last update has a major bug. After choosing 2 cards in matches, they’re stuck in the middle which leaves me to 1 card only. Another issue is in league 6, when finding a match, it’s ALWAYS players with john cena whom his attacks are super critical ( I have no idea why ), and its semi impossible to defeat him. I’m now doubting that this is real time multilayer game.

Some of the wrestlers have moves that will inflict very high damage. Prefer the damage to be evenly distributed out to all the wrestlers. As for the grapple moves, timing should be the main factor to execute it, not based on the number.

Not so much of a fun after playing a while.. 1. Roster stamina increases but its recovery rate never increases. It doesnt matter if you have premium 7 or 8 level fighter. 2. Bad leveling system for basic normal attack, grapple etc. Forget about special moves. Doesnt matter weather you have 20 or 40 cards. It sees Max level is unattainable. 3. Hour long to wait before you can open up chest boxes. Very annoying.. Done with this game even if thwy do patch release…

I don’t whether they fixed this after an update or anything because the matches are not anymore rigged. Earlier i saw a review that the game was rigged and above a certain level you will lose everygame. But now i think the opponents are original players rather than bots. And winning is based on the predictability which is good. Hoping for good improvements.

It’s a nice game…good graphics…so nice work by nway…but I have few problems…1- pls fix the glitch in which you choose a move but it doesn’t work and that slot gets jammed leaving you with only two cards slot….2- Even when i choose a card it works after a second 3-Sometimes the entrance sound gets glitch….so please fix these glitches and your game becomes more interesting…Thank You

Graphics are very good, Good moves and actions, overall game is very good, but bring us the new milestone achievements to make us more interesting and eager to play this and you guys also have to focus there is no any legendary player of technical category although we have powerhouse and brawler legendary players…Please bring us more achievements and Technical Legendary player to stick with it…

Latest Update :

Faction Tournaments are recurring, week-long events in which your faction will compete against the others in your bracket!
Earn more points than the opposing factions to get promoted to higher divisions, where greater rewards and challenges await.
Work with your faction to climb up the divisions and cement your status as the top faction in WWE Undefeated!

Updated League Structure with NEW ARENAS

Various Bug Fixes & Optimizations

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Video :

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