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YamfitWe are pleased to present our new Yamfit application – Calorie Counter.

It’s an absolutely free application that will help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat correctly.

What is the Yamfit calorie counter? – This is a very useful application for those who want to know exactly how many calories your body received from the food that you consumed today.

Carb and calorie counter – allows you to see detailed statistics about the nutrients contained in food. Our carb and calorie counter will be a great help in maintaining a specialized diet – for people involved in sports or just maintaining a healthy diet. Download the carb app and calorie counter for free, now, to start eating correctly with your favorite diet right now, for free.

In our application you can choose a diet plan for a day or a week, our application will connect a diet tracker and calorie counter automatically, which will allow you to immediately track calorie and carbohydrate intake.

We have compiled a large database of products, which contains almost all the food that you can eat. If you did not find any product or dish, you can easily add it yourself, which will expand our database and allow other users to learn about the new product.

Add your favorite recipes and get detailed info + cooking mod with our tracker with a calorie counter. You can quickly find out the calorie content of any recipe with the diet calculator.

Yamfit – suitable for those people who like to cook food according to recipes, we are actively updating our recipe book, in which you can easily cook any dish. This is achieved thanks to the detailed and step-by-step recipes presented in our application. By choosing one of the thousands of our recipes, the calorie calculator will automatically calculate the calorie content of the dish, which will be obtained by the result of cooking.

A key feature of our diet tracker are recipes with the ability to choose the number of people and servings you want to cook recipes, the calorie calculator will automatically calculate the value for this amount. If you use a special tracker for tracking steps and calories, you can automatically subtract the calories that you burned in a day. It will be an excellent bundle for the highest quality tracking of calorie intake per day.

The second part of the application is devoted to the meal planner of plans and diets. You have the opportunity to choose a diet for your needs. At the moment we use 4 modes:

Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Balanced Diet
Healthy eating

Under all these modes, you can choose your diet and nutrition plan to set it up for a given period.

Yamfit user reviews :

Would be a good app, but does not allow to set predefined calorie goal. Automatically overwrites it with predefined values. If you fix it, would give a better rating

  • Hi! Thank you for feedback! We are going to improve that soon, for now : you can change your ‘target calories’ settings any time in settings under ‘Goal’ section. Also you can turn auto adjust if you don’t like it. Have a great day!

Best application for gaining weight!! Keep going developers!!!

What a rubbish….its even not entering the weight

  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback! What weight you try to enter? Was it on first entrance to the app? If you have any questions please reach us at support[at]yamfit.com

How to set weight . its not responding

  • Hi! Thanks for your feedback! Was it problem in your account setup (intro) or after you created an account? If you have any questions please reach us at support[at]yamfit.com

Please tell me That how I’m fill my details of current weight or goal weight?????

  • Hey there! I assume you already have an account – if so : go to “Profile” page then scroll down a little bit to “Personal details” and “Goals” sections. In personal details you can change your current weight and in goals you can change your target weight and goal! If you don’t have an account, please create a new one and there will be weights step

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