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Zara user reviews :

The app is visually pleasing and I especially like the fact that you can go from an item to the next with a simple swipe. It has all the order-related details at hand. On the negative side, the filter option could work better. If you select on option (ex: “long sleeves”, certain price), it wil not include all the items that match the description. It should also include a price filter from cheapest to priciest and viceversa. I’d also like a black backgroud option. All in all, a good experience!

Horrible UX, worse and worse since 2020 I just took a little bit of my time to come here and give this feedback. I usually don’t do this, but it’s frustrating as hell and it keeps getting worse. Now they also have sounds, which even if you disable, you can still hear it. Images don’t load at least 50% of the time in favorites(besides the weird way of getting there) It’s hard to give an overall good solution to this. Just revert everything to 2020ish plus add favorites and that’s all.

Horrible use of the app on Android. It keeps crashing despite all efforts to reinstall it, change system settings, getting it up to date and so on. I cannot place an order or check my favorite items as the app keeps crashing. Does the IT department know about this matter? Does anyone try to solve this?

Been trying for hours to place an order and finally quit! Had to go back to browsing like a million times, because once you get to your shopping bag, surprise surprise, half of the items are out of stock. Really annoyed by the fact that the stock is not updated, lots of items still appear in the app, although there is no available size. All in all, it makes the shopping experience really really bad and stressful.

The return and refund process is very tedious and extremely slow. They charge for pickup but its okay as long as the refund is credited on time but no. Though the refund amount is said to be processing, it’s been 15 days but the amount hasn’t been refunded to me. Have written to them upmteen times but to no avail. I love the clothing but I don’t think I am going to order further from them.

They don’t mention if the item is returnable. If you’re mentioning below the item that it’s returnable then you can’t impose “special conditions” seperately. Don’t fool the customer. Mention clearly below the product that it’s non – returnable. If the product has size issues then it should be returnable.

Credit card doesn’t work. There is a glitch. Your IT dept needs to fix it. If you leave the page to authorise your ptsb card payment then come back to the page to complete it fails. It’s failed at least 10 times for me on seperate days. I contacted my bank. It’s not my card, your site has a glitch. I could pay with revolute.

They are so clever. If u do an online purchase and go to the in-store tab, the date shown here in bold letters is the delivered date, instead of the purchase date. In a tiny corner only when you go further in, does it show the return date. When you are new to the app you may not realise and this date registers.I don’t understand why they haven’t put the purchase date here, as this is the important date from which the return window of 30 days start. They want you to get confused n miss returning!

Mixed feelings – buying is quite user-friendly but this doesn’t extend to the view of the final state of your order – your returns don’t show up there. You’d think the refund status would be seen in the RMA at least – nope. Nor does it show the orders associated with the return. Given the good UX in the rest of the app, these misses seem like intentional obfuscation to discourage returns. Shoppers are going to call/chat with support though so it seems shortsighted to me

On one hand app performance is really good, but UX sucks super hard in many areas, especially the buttons that are super small causing trouble to hit the intended button. There’s a space for lots of pro user friendly layout, instead of stylish look.

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