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[App] Zenfie – Mindfulness Meditation

Zenfie  Zenfie is an app to learn and practice mindfulness meditation.

Use Zenfie to discover or rediscover mindfulness meditation: rest, relax, better manage your stress, be more present and improve concentration on a day to day basis.

The discovery programme offers you ten different ten minute sessions, completely free. So for 10 ten days, Zenfie will become your partner with a daily guided meditation session.

Some of the themes covered in these initial 10 meditation sessions which help you be more zen and improve rest and relaxation include: meditation positions, body maps, attention to breathing, awareness of sensation and feeling, letting go, inner peace…
Once you complete the mindfulness discovery programme, you will be able to continue your mindfulness meditation with Zenfie (through the Initiation and then Advanced modules).

The practice of mindfulness meditation has been recognised and validated by numerous scientific studies: meditation is one of the best natural methods of combatting the effects of stress and improving rest and relaxation. What’s more, meditation offers excellent results for those suffering from sleep or mood problems, as well as depression.

After two to three months of regular meditation, significant effects can be seen, both psychological and physical.
This simple activity, brought to your smartphone by Headspace, requires time and dedication, but significantly improves quality of life. It will help you to appreciate good times, to take stock when times are tough, to feel more relaxed and to stay or become zen, whatever the circumstances!

Zenfie will be by your side to help you reach your personal goals, with its guided meditation modules in English. Zenfie will become your partner in meditation and in:
Letting go
Sleeping better and reclaiming sleep
Improving rest and relaxation, better managing stress
Improving self-confidence
Improving your interpersonal relationships
Improving your concentration in sports
Unguided meditation with relaxing music

A Zenfie Kids module: “Meditation for Kids” is also available for children between 3 and 6 years old, as is a Zenfie Junior module for children between 7 and 14.
As well as the step by step mindfulness meditation learner programme, practice and tailored modules, Zenfie also comes with several guided sessions which you can go through as many times as you like. For example:
Rest and relaxation session
Imminent stress SOS session
Wake up session to start the day on the right foot
Before bed session
Musical sessions

We are regularly expanding the Zenfie meditation offering. You can also access our online community, and contribute topics that matter to you, which will help us to develop new mindfulness meditation sessions better tailored to your needs.

With Zenfie installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can download the sessions and meditate wherever and whenever you want. You can even meditate on public transport!

About the author

Jean Doridot is a French psychologist, specialising in personal development. Author of a number of reference works, and with hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, you will be accompanied by Jean in each of the guided sessions he has created.

Rest, relaxation, zen, letting go, stress management, concentration: great meditation sessions with Zenfie!

Zenfie user reviews :

It’s frustrating. I like a lot about the app. I like a lot of the guidance, but all of the tracks have an unnecessary and distracting waves soundscape underneath, that distracts me from the guidance. I would love it if this could be removed. I’ve uninstalled the app because of this, and it would be great if I could get my money back. I guess some people might like these wave noises, but for me it is problematic.

This app has helped me understand and start enjoying mindfulness meditation. I practice almost every day and it has become something like nourishment for the spirit and is helping me curb bad emotional habits. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I am sure my surroundings would thank you too. Shine on!

I enjoyed the ten free meditations. I’m sure the rest are very good but they are subscription based.

Nice app. The English male voice is very warm and calming. Only negative thing is that they dont really add new sessions…

Imagine if you had ever thought about how we can having lunch together so that okay for you please contact me please let me know when you are ready for the next meeting tomorrow morning if you can get in touch with me ok I will send you a copy of my life insurance policy for you please contact me please

Would be 5 stars all the way but the final meditation in a group I have paid for keeps stopping after 14seconds. Tried downloading again but still got the same issue…

I really love the content, but I believe that this apps need improvements on the interface aspect

Before asking for cash this app gives a lot of value.

I love this app, great content.

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