ZOE Interactive Story – Help her make the right decisions

[Game] ZOE Interactive Story

ZOE Interactive Story

In this role-play game you will be taking the place of Zoe, who discovers she is a witch.

As she struggles with her new powers she falls in love with a werewolf.

Help her make the right decisions, shaping the story as you play this interactive story.

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ZOE Interactive Story user reviews :

I’ve been reading others till I found this, it is fantastic, the characters look so real , the men are handsome. The graphics are best I’ve ever seen , the scenery is beautiful and the story is amazing, I just have one wish, please make a mini game to get free gems so we can make the choices we want too not having to choose what we don’t really want. You can’t get real opinions that way, only forced ones..Thank you ,well done. I’m sticking with you guys period !!

ZOE is a game with much potential if accurately implemented. With the amount of seasons it has, 2 hours is a lot for a ticket that opens 2 minute episode. The main issue I have is that the Linda Brown series (in my opinion is much more interesting than Zoe) is unable to open from my phone. It’s the main reason why I downloaded the app again, so please kindly fix that error. Ciao!

This game is so amazing and the story is breathtaking. The animation and style run so smoothly and there’s a lot more animation than I thought there would be. Sure, you only get 2 tickets and have to wait an hour to read the next on but wanting to find out what happens next is worth it. Plus the characters are so cool and in general just all around amazing.

Its an interesting concept for a game and I liked the overall idea of the story line however it had its downfalls too. The game play is incredibly slow. Also, there really isn’t too much of a difference in the way your choices impact the overall storyline. Its also kind of a pain that you have to wait over and hour for another ticket to continue the story. This is where the game tries to create revenue. In order to proceed without waiting you have to spend real money. Which has always been a major downfall for games IMO.

I really love the story, it’s so intriguing and exciting. Each episode just comes with more suspense. You guys did well. Upon all the stories I’ve played this i would say is the second most amazing story. Thumbs up But all the same it takes too much time to loaf a fre ticket. Two hours is too much I think. You cook have done it at least 01 hour.

this is a great story and wondrrful to play. the only thing i wish they did different was the way to log in. every time i get a new device or when i lost my phone i had to start the whole story over. i did not know they give you some kind of password and ID which isnt much help if you dont know it. i have removed this game and Linda Brown. i refuse to keep starting over due to something happening to my device. Also the second story really is terrible! They changed everything ,horrible story!

There are a few minor glitches hers and there, but overall it’s a great game. The chapters are short but juicy, and they tell you your choices at the end if the chapter – and the percentage of players that chose that choice as well. There is about 10 seasons at the moment, so you can stay in the juicy world of Zoe and all of the crazy things in her life…

I love the game,it reminds me of the episode “twilight” or Movie I think…I didn’t quite remember..but the story plot is amazing and interesting I like how the ads you watch are few and no ads can interfere with the story because the ads aren’t that many like the other romance games I’ve played and the characters aren’t that many and I can clearly remember there faces and names unlike the other romance game characters that I’ve played soo many characters! I really really like the app/game

I’m in love with this game I rarely find ads and it’s sort of a live story game but with a bunch of episodes and there is seasons as well so I’m in season 1 in the end you can even see your decision and how many percent people have done those decisions they have made I give this game a big thumbs up and if you love story game you have to install this one!!!!!!

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