FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Q – Apps from http://www.free-apps-android.com are from outside of Google Play Store ?

A – No, apps posted on our website have only links that go to Google Play Store

Q – Can you post my app / game on http://free-apps-android.com ?

A – Yes, use Submit Your App form to send your app / game

Q – Some apps / games posted here are no longer listed on play store, why ?

A – Google periodically clean play store and remove apps / games  please use our Contact form to send us the link to remove from our website

Q – How can i receive daily post on my email account ?

A – Use our Subscription form to receive free android apps / games on your email account daily

Q – User reviews are from Google Play Store ?

A – Yes, most of the user reviews are from play store this way you have a feedback from user that have installed app / game on phone / tablet ( but remember users don`t always look at the requirement of the app / game and the apps / games could work great on your phone)

Q – Why i get only one browser notification wen you publish minim 7 post daily ?

A – If you subscribe to our push notification we will send you only one/two push notification daily, we don`t want to send you 7 push notification in a row because it’s annoying. Subscribing to our newsletter via email will send you all the post published (apps/games) in your email address (minim 7 per day)