2248 Number Puzzle – Improves your memory

[Game] 2248 Number Puzzle

2248 Number Puzzle2248 Number Puzzle 2048 is an addictive casual core number puzzle and numbers blast game about connecting the numbers, dots, and pops.

Connect the same numbers in dots vertically and horizontally to win points in this fun free number blast and numbers game. Begin from a base number. Merge it with the same numbers or twice that number. Create the longest possible links. Reach the highest tiles and achieve the highest score! Once you start, you will be addicted!

The 2248: Number Puzzle 2048 game is easy to learn and play. In every move, you must think ahead! This numbers puzzle game improves your memory, concentration level, and reflexes. Once you start playing it, you will absolutely get addicted to this puzzle game.

HOW TO PLAY 2248 Number Puzzle 2048
Combine the same or consecutive numbers by swiping them in any direction (up, down, left, right or diagonally).

Get higher numbers when you merge multiple same numbers.
Keep combining the numbers to get the highest possible number such as 1024, 2048, and beyond.

With minimalistic and elegantly designed graphics, this 2248: Number Puzzle 2048 number merge game is a brain teaser and brain game for adults that improves your memory, concentration level, and reflexes. Sharpen your mind as you compete globally on leaderboards and share your scores with friends on social media.

Features of 2248: Number Puzzle 2048
Easy to play, hard to master.
Minimalistic & elegantly designed number merge game
Special graphic design in this number game.
Share your scores and challenge your friends.
Sharpen your mind
Leaderboards that allow you to compete globally.
Brain teasers games and brain games for adults.
Slide the number up, down, left, right, diagonal in any direction.
Search and connect the same numbers on the board.
The game ends when there are no more connectable numbers.
Adorable fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautiful game about connecting number dots.
Free to play for life.
Play offline, without the internet.
Connect pops and crush in this number game.
Smooth & simple controls.
Automatic save game

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2248: Number Puzzle 2048 team

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2248 Number Puzzle user reviews :

There is an ad break approx. every minute or two. It’s annoying and I’m uninstalling this game because ads, okay, but multiple ad breaks that have no limit is just gross. It’s more a series of ads than a game. Could be a relaxing game otherwise, but it’s currently the opposite of relaxing. Every minute or two, 30 second ad break.

  • We are sorry for this, but to continue work on this free app we need revenue from Ads. If you don’t want to see the Ads you can purchase the remove ads. Thanks for your understanding!

This game would be fun if it wasn’t constantly interrupted by ads. I get that free apps needs ads to run but this one crosses the line into ruining the game. Other games use ads for power ups and multiplying rewards. This game does that but also interrupts you in the middle of playing. It’s extremely frustrating!

  • We are happy that you like our games We understand you about ads. We need to allocate resources to develop the game We also do not have complete control over the ads. But we will further optimize ads in the future Your continued support is very valuable to us. We thank you

This game has away of working the mind. It will take care of the days fog in your life. I play it at bedtime and i have cought my self up at 3am playing it and it seems like it’s been about 45 minutes. And the truth is it’s been about 4 hours i have been applying myself to the game. I love it . It is relaxing and very addicting. Game thanks for putting it together. DT.

  • Thank you very much for your kind reviews. We are very pleased to serve you, our valuable players. Good games!

This simple app is so good. I appreciate the colors and design. I have ADHD to an extremely high level. I am able to focus on and relax. The numbers help to keep the focus of the healthy mind. The colors help with personal motivation and the design keeps relaxed. Then the mind can organize thoughts, creativity, and tasks. The should and would be much better with appreciation for updates and less data so that old and new devices can use your app.thank you

  • Hi, thank you for your review:) All suggestions are welcomed.

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