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[Game] 3 Dots – Connect em all

3 DotsThree Dots – Clear the Dot is a challenging matching puzzle game in the line connect format, where your goal is to connect dots of the same color to crush them all!

Swipe from dot to dot and let the colors flow freely as you link the dots together, crafting a bigger ball connection. Go beyond merely connecting two dots or three dots; embrace the limitless possibilities of dot link connections.

This dots game is full of surprises and endless fun. Solve dot link puzzles and relax after stressful studying and working hours. Sharpen your mind with many different color connect levels that little by little increase puzzle difficulty.

Enjoy your time and train your brain with the 3 Dots color puzzle game, a super engaging line game where you match colorful spots!

How to play and become a matching master?
Hold and swipe your finger across adjacent same-colored balls to link the dots
Clear the dots with the same color to crush them and wipe them all
Make the longest chains of dot to dot and more and break them to zip through the level faster
You need to achieve the objective before time runs out!

Game Features:
500+ Exciting levels with moves and time features
Enjoy a variety of vibrant balls and spots that make every level a visual feast
6+ Boosters to help you color connect faster and more efficiently Easy to connect dots with a simple tap and fun to play yet challenging to master!
Collect ’em all – clear the dots in a simple line connect
Play matching games classics for adults and kids anytime & anywhere

Three Dots – Connect Em All – your favorite time killer and super addictive matching puzzle game and beautiful color line game. Download and start your relaxing dot to dot journey today!

if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: support[at]lihuhugames.com

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3 Dots user reviews :

After every level the advertisement lasts 30 sec every time. It’s annoying cuz it doesn’t take that long for every level to be completed. Advertisement lasts longer

Game crashed early on. (Lv 4). Now click through in the middle of a level. I understand the need to generate revenue with click through but, with every other aspect of the game utilizing them why cause stoppages in the middle of a level?

Way too many ads. It will stop your play in the middle of a level to show ads and then once the level is complete it will show more ads. You spend more time with forced ads than actually playing the game. I am deleting it as soon as I finish this review.

Update, I played the game, made it to level 20. Joined a club. When I got on to play today, I had to start over. I liked playing but I’m not going to play a game where someone controlling my phone messes with my fun. I wish Google would help but they can’t be bothered to help with anything! I am removing game. So far very fun game.

I still can’t believe it, but while playing the game an ad popped up saying “Ad Break” while I was in play!! This was all I could take of the ads because you got one after every single game! Nope. No. More!

Initially I thought this was not a bad game but then it turned out to be pretty greedy. It’s impossible to get the colors you supposed collect and you run out of turns. Once I used up all the coins I’m uninstalling this. Good bye greedy game.

I would give it a higher rating, but it has a few bugs I think need to be worked out. For one I completed a level got all the dots I was suppose to had a check at the top and told me I ran out of moves and had to watch an add to finish the level. And the find the key part is a load of bull. You have to find so many keys in a 10 minute period, but you have to watch more than that in adds to keep playing. Also the forced adds mid game are not welcome and very annoying.

Love the game but the ads. My God, the ads. You can only play for 45 seconds then your game stops and you must watch ads. Worst ad infested game I’ve ever played.

The game is fun, however the amount of ads are ridiculous. There is nothing worse to be interrupted in the middle of a game for a “break”.

Fun. Looks like the advertised game. would like a dark mode, or less bright.. as my eyes are sensitive.please . Otherwise, great thus far! & reasonable price for no ads ($7 approx) one time buy- it looks like. Fair -if you like the game & would play it . But, Imo, it’s worth under $10 & especially close to $5 () for No ads. That’s an easy yes & ty. Helloooo that’s a sandwich or something

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