4 in a Row – Battle of wits and strategy

[Game] 4 in a Row with Firends (connect4)

4 in a Row  4 in a Row with Friends, also known as 4 in a line, is the ultimate puzzle game where you test your skills, playing against millions of people all over the world or against very crafty, powerful “AI” !

This is one of the top brain games for people that want to face others in a battle of wits and strategy!

How to play?
The rules of 4 in a Row are very simple, you need to connect or drop tokens in the grid and continue doing so until you have 4 consecutive tokens either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The process is very simple to understand, and you can establish your own drop 4 strategy every time you play. The game has gravitrips and a variety of unique approaches you can use in order to win right away. We have 10 difficulty levels if you play against the AI, so you can always test your strength and improve every time.

Play online, offline or with your friends
You can play 4 in a row as an Online Game with friends or you can also play it offline, against the AI. This way you can test out your skills against a variety of opponents in order to improve and be better at it. We also make it easy for you to play online, against thousands of active players.
It’s a game of focus and fast-thinking, since you always have to refine your strategies as you try to win! Aside from playing online and offline, you can also create a private room just to play with your friends. Connect 4 is one of the most popular board games for two people. You can login with Facebook and play, so there’s no need to create an account!

Browse through numerous different themes
You can play with friends or against the AI in a variety of different eras, like the ice age, stone age and many others. This way the experience is fun and fresh. Plus, you have daily tasks and achievements, so there is always a reason to come back and have fun as you play.

Unique add-ons
Each one of the online games and online puzzles have add-ons too. These include hint boosters and block boosters that help spruce up the gameplay and make it more interesting. This way you can establish new strategies which harness the power of add-ons in a cool way.

Weekly leaderboards
You can always test your four in a row and connect four expertise every week. We have league, global and friends’ leaderboards every week. There are thousands of players competing against each other. Do you have what it takes to defeat them and attain that much-wanted crown at the top of the leaderboard?

Free gifts
Four in a row is a Free board game! We also bring you a variety of cool gifts such as daily spin, mystery gift and you can always watch ads for even more cool content. This way you have a reason to come back and continue playing, since you’re always rewarded for it.

If you love online puzzle games or want to improve your game statistics, try out this classic game now. We brought 4 in a row to the modern day in a cool and fun way, with great mechanics, themes and bonuses. Try it out right now!


Immersive 4 in a row gameplay
3 game modes to choose from
Multiple eras to go through
Daily tasks and achievements
Conquer the leaderboards
Free gifts every day
2 players game (Multiplayer Game)

4 in a Row user reviews :

I’ve just played this game and felt awesome when i was playing. Looking forward for more updates and what excited me the most is that we can play in both offline and online.
  • Zen Shots
  • The new version is coming soon. We hope that you will like it.
This game is very nice, you can play this game online and offline , you can play with your friends too, loved it .
  • Zen Shots
  • Thank you. We are happy to know you like it. Please do check out our other games.
Really love the interface and the overall experience. Reminds me the physical game and how much fun this game was!
  • Zen Shots
  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!
Great UI. Seamless installation and description. Had fun playing it!
  • Zen Shots
  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on

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