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Love RevolutionThe love revolution is a genuine revolution.”

Awesome! The popular comic ‘Love Revolution’ has returned as a find the hidden object+differences game!! Enjoy the game adaptation of the best-selling Naver webtoon, now!

Hidden differences to spot! with the webtoon characters
Challenging the puzzles made with webtoon illustrations!
Collect and save the illustrations in your album.
It will remind you of the time when your heart raced while reading the webtoon.
Meet the attractive characters who made your heart flutter.

Various game modes to choose from two type modes.
Story mode, Speed mode, Camera mode, and Rotation mode!
Choose the mode that you want for thrilling gameplay!

More than 500 stages to enjoy!
Endless content! Search and find! You will be a master of spot the difference game as you play this one~!

Game with a story
Enjoy the story! ‘Love Revolution’ as well as the spot the difference puzzles!
The heart-melting scenes and quotes… Feel the lingering afterglow of the webtoon in the game!

Find it out for yourself with the popular webtoon ‘Love Revolution! Just like in hidden object games

Love Revolution user reviews :

I really enjoy this game! Honestly it’s so refreshing to play after a busy day. The levels are fairly simple and fun,The episodes are quite fun to read, even the adds are interesting I would like to thank the developers for developing such an awesome game!

This is SO SO SO SO cute!! I have watched Love Revolution last year and it’s really pretty. This app doen’t have any flaws coz the graphics is good, the episodes are accurate (ofc) and all. This is full package!!

I can’t believe this was the game for the webtoon! I wanted to read this but idk if there is in the webtoon app. I love the game it’s so adorable I just think the UI layout to play the game is kinda weird but I got to get the hang of knowing where to press. Plus no tutorials where to play? Also the ads pop up every time I finish a round which isn’t a good thing maybe like at least after 4-5 rounds will do? Anyways it’s a good game!

I really like this game, it’s so good to play this game, I downloaded this last year, and it’s really good, I don’t have any problem with this app, but I need to uninstall it coz of storage space problem, but I downloaded it again coz I miss it lol, I didn’t finish this game and i can’t explain how good it was so let’s not make this rate further, coz all I can say is this game/app is WORTH IT.

I am really not getting is there any problem in game. I am trying to combine cards by reaching them at maximum level but still its not combining. I don’t know what to do. Otherwise its very intresting .

It’s really cute. The story keeps me going and the games never bore me. The only problem I have is that the cards are not combining even tho I maxed it. Please tell me if you know what to do..

So addicting and the graphics of the game is amazing. I hope you’ll continue to find some improvents to make the game more engaging and fun to play with.

I really love it but I don’t like pop up ads and I don’t have money to remove the ads and buy some coins or ticket for gacha. I hope the game itself is free I hope they make another game, I hope they make Spirit Fingers! Webtoon Make it like that  But I hope they make a game with that webtoon and have some modes to like, color mode, Rotate mode, puzzle mode, nonogram mode, or guessing mode like that

I love this game so much I love the little cut scenes (Episodes) and the small little details that you need to find in hidden images, But yeah I totally recommend this game!

I love this game sooo much all the characters are so cute but the main boy character is toooooo much cute I like his cuteness. This two types of game is too enjoyable I’m so glad to download this game

I love this so far. I especially love that there are two modes: finding the hidden item and spotting the difference. There are ads but 5 seconds isn’t unbearable. I just hope that there are no changes with the ads like making them longer or more often.

It’s very fun to play and the drawings are so good and cute …. you can have fun with this game . The story is also likeable

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