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4Messages4Messages is completely ad-free and open source so you don’t have to worry about your privacy.

Minimalistic interface, yet intuitive and customizable. You can paint it in any colors. Has four themes: White, Gray, Dark and Black.

Dual-SIM and Multi-SIM phones are fully supported
Backup and Restore your messages
Support for group chats
You can block conversations and manage your blacklist, or automatically filter spam using the “Should I reply?”
Supports Wear OS (Android Wear), TalkBack and Samsung Voice Assistant.

Based on QKSMS.

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4Messages user reviews :

Update (04/05/24): please add option to “always” show time stamps in bubble messages. Also, please consider unlocking one of the other bubble styles for free usage, thereby giving two choices rather than one. Prior review (2023): Would rate 4 or 5 stars except you have to pay to customize bubble chats and use the ‘delayed send’ function; should be free as these are, in my opinion, basic features in other messaging apps. Hopefully a future update will fix this??

Update – I have used this app for a few days now thought initially how wonderful it was. Now when saving any photos, it wants me to Grant permissions above and beyond: it wants to access files, all files without my permission and to delete these files without my specific permission. All I want to do is save a picture, and without granting the above, it will not let me. Sorry to say, there is no reason for this. The quest is on for another app.

Not ready for Prime Time. This app has so much potential but falls short. I’ve been using textra for 7 years and ready for something new but I would be sacrificing way too much for this app. #1) No individual conversation mute function is a deal breaker. #2) Custom conversation notification gets deleted when you delete the conversation. Textra remembers this per contact. #3) Can’t send voice messages.

Love that the free version of the app has no ads. Makes a good first impression on a first time user. And the pricing is very fair I love it. 4star update. Noticed there is no way to change the calling sim card from the app. You know? In case she doesn’t text back and you tap that call button from the chat. Of course I could close the app and go to my dialer app but this is about convenience. Especially after setting up the swipe gesture to call the recipient.

I’ve been using this app for almost a week. I really like this free version with no ads. So far this is the best message app I had downloaded from playstore. All my messages were sent and delivered on time. I also had no problem with receiving new messages from my contacts. I purchased the app to unlock premium themes and message backup. Worth it!

I liked this app until I experienced big problems with photo messages. Photos would appear over and over again, day after day, even though the other person didn’t resend them. Even worse, one day I found I couldn’t send photo messages to other people. Both problems immediately disappeared when I switched back to the standard app.

Okay first of all the app rocks. It’s well maintained and it lives up to its potential. The fact is people do want to get paid for their time and effort. In fact they need to so they can keep the lights on. I’ve noticed that all the complaints that I’ve seen so far are about somebody not giving away their time effort intellectual property for free. Well good. Good for them. I mean look at the price sticker. Isn’t that actually worth a try? Go ahead. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

This could have been a good texting message app and could have been permanently my choice, but messages are very important to my comm. most of it are either delayed or not received at all. i still gave it a fairly good rating. please resolve this issue. thanks.

The app functions great and is overall really solid but it’s missing 2 key features… 1 no voice to text upon long hold of a message. This is imperative for ease of use. 2 no MMS messages when mobile data is off/unavailable, ex. When you’re home and using wifi texting.

  • 1. Voice input is available from the google keyboard. I’ll think about calling it by long pressing the button and sending a message. 2. Can you do this using the standard application?

Search sometimes doesn’t just work. When that happens, I have to close the app and re-open it to make the search work. I believe it’s a bug. It happens when I’ve searched for something and the cursor is still in the search box. Please fix this bug.

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