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Right MessagesFast SMS messenger with iOS 16 style interface. Free and no ads. Supports work with two SIM cards.

We are obsessed with privacy, so the application is open source, does not ask for unnecessary permissions and does not have access to the Internet.

customizable interface, you can customize the color of the background, text, icons
number blocker

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Right Messages user reviews :

The app is super cool with great features though I haven’t subscribed. The only problem I have is, in trying to send a contract, it sends in V-Card by default. I wish you could add the option to select between ‘send as SMS’ and ‘send as V-Card’. Hope the developers can respond quickly.

Highly recommended of this app. Way better user interface than stock Google messages. Plus few issues. I did some changes of how messages should look but cant find a way to backup settings locally or account sync. Plus need messages backup option with cloud storage like Google drive or pcloud, as I use both. OTP detection needs work, see Truecaller OTP message pattern. Add contacts inbuilt, no need for another app (already too many). Spam detection needs improvement as those messages come again.

Update (03/18): please add option to include time stamps in bubble chats. Also, please unlock some themes/color features in the customization settings without forcing purchase. Previous edit: Need to have option of copying certain parts of text messages upon pressing on an individual message versus needing to long press a message and then onto the the copy icon on the top right-hand corner of conversation.

Near constant crashes from the moment of opening the app, preventing all sending of messages or saving drafts. Constantly fails to send any media messages. I was excited for a replacement to simple mobile, but this has yet to be at that level

It’s a highly Recommend application and in some cases better than google and best sms application found in google play store with no unwanted ads, lots of customization, user friendly and better looking interface.

This is the one. There are no garbage ads and as far as I can tell, they are actually not spying on you. If you’re looking for something to use with friends and family who are not on Signal, this is the app. If you use this, take the time to review it because it’s near impossible to find in a sea of awful.

This is a great app. However, there are so many problems with sending messages. You keep getting error code 4 error code 8, and you can’t send messages. I’m a bit disappointed. There are no solutions to fix this problem.

Very very good looking and working app. Modern clean design, no ads, no tracking etc. Full recommendation from me.

The app looks nothing like the screenshots, because those are from iOS. This app looks much worse and is just a lame cash grab. Also the guy doesn’t know what open source means – because this app isn’t one, yet it is described as such.

I can’t see the received messages if I turn on ‘Use contact colors’. It is all blank bubbles. But if i copy the message, text is there.

It would be great if the developers could include a DELETED ITEMS folder. It is useful in the event of accidental deletion of sms measages.

  • We plan to add a shopping cart in future versions.

The application is great working well I love it it doesn’t have a lot of ads actually it doesn’t have any ads but at least they should add optional themes

This is an excellent app – free, no ads, customizable to a reasonable extent – and NOTHING near as intrusive as the standard, pre-installed Google messaging app – which will grab ALL your info and only God knows what it does with that info. Or what it needs it for, if not to sell it!

Excellent SMS app. Needed a replacement for the pre-installed Google app that wasn’t working properly. This really does the job well. Not sure why some people complain about its performance, I’ve had no issues.

It’s a wonderful app I have used so far. But since am not able to gift I can’t apply the themes. Please how can help so as I can use the feature

I definitely love this sms app, honestly it’s very rare to find some useful app like this with no any ads! Thumb up

So far I love it I just wish everything was free on it so far seem to like i just wish change the color was free or lise a fee time

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