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7shiftsThe 7shifts restaurant scheduling app makes it easy to manage schedules and communicate with staff on the go.

With 7shifts, your managers can edit work schedules, communicate with and engage staff, track real-time sales and labor data, and stay labor compliant. The employee app empowers your team to take availability and time-off requests, shift trading, and communication into their own hands—anytime, anywhere.

The 7shifts app is free for all restaurant employees to use as part of your 7shifts subscription.

Features for restaurant managers:
Manage the schedule with time-off and availability automatically added
Notify staff of their shifts automatically via email, text, or push notification
Approve or deny shift trades
Approve or deny time-off requests
Track staff availability
Track staff engagement like lates and no-shows
Chat with staff or create team-wide announcements
Get overtime alerts if staff are at risk of going into overtime
Track real-time sales and labor to make smart decisions to reduce labor cost

Features for restaurant employees:
View all of your shifts
See who you are working with for upcoming shifts
View hours and estimated earnings
Request shift trades
Request time off
Submit your availability
Chat with GIFs, pics, or emojis with your co-workers

The 7shifts team is focused on making employee scheduling easier for managers in the restaurant industry, and make employees happier in the workplace. See how easy life is with 7shifts.

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7shifts user reviews :

I really wanted this to work and it has so much potential, however getting it setup up and running smoothly was a giant headache. We only use the scheduling and time clocking functions for now and we had issues with 7 punches (maybe that should be reviewed separately but it’s all connected) logging out at our locations. The 7 shifts app can be glitchy. You user permissions are not as customizable as I would hope. Customer service is great so that’s their saving grace.

There’s a bug when clicking on the (+) icon in the manager log book, the program clicks on random other field instead. Happened on at least two different devices I know of, one of them a Google pixel 6 pro. I made sure screen was clean, device updates/restarts were made, ect, and the bug persisted. Gave it a four stars just for the bug as it was not an issue in previous releases, otherwise it is a five star app

We’ve had our 7Shifts subscription for about 6 months now, and use it for scheduling at our coffee shop. The idea? Love it! The website? Functional and easy to use. This app? Absolute junk as it is. It crashes. Some employees don’t get chat notifications despite having notifications enabled. Sometimes, for seemingly no reason at all, when creating a shift, the app will save it in a different time zone. For instance, the shift is 9-1, the app will show it as 10-2. Needs work.

  • Hi Kristyna, I am sorry to hear about your experience! That definitely doesn’t seem to be working as expected. Please reach out to support[at]7shifts.com so that we can look further into this for you

The app was working well, but just recently, it seems to be glitchy. Sales and labor numbers are not always available or are not available until much later on in the day. It used to be very accurate, but there is an obvious lag now. I also am no longer receiving any emails regarding shift changes, announcements, and messages. This is much more recent, and I have already double checked my settings and spam folders.

  • Hi Jonathan, we’re sorry to hear about the issues that you have been experiencing recently! I believe I have found your profile, and I have emailed you to assist further. If you don’t receive anything, please reach out to support[at]7shifts.com, so that we can get this resolved for you!

I generally like this app, but I’m experiencing some issues with it. 1) I can’t sync to my Google calendar. That page eon’t scroll to the button allowing me to do so. 2) I can’t set a different notification sound for 7shifts. 3) I can’t mute the app when I’m off. I can either get notifications for everything or nothing. 4) I can’t turn off email notifications. Help? Or please add these features in the next update!

  • Hi Zainub, We’re happy to help answer your questions about notification settings and discuss features with you! Please reach out to our support team so we can help – you can get a hold of us at support[at]7shifts.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

This is an excellent app that my company has been using for some time. Lately I have run into a minor issue where I’m unable to contact certain individuals through the app’s chat feature, however, when they message me first it opens up a new chat and we are able to correspond. I hope this is fixed soon, it is an odd bug and has caused some inconvenience lately. Otherwise, I really like the design and functionality of the app.

  • Hi John! We apologize for the issues you have experienced with the chat feature. This bug has been resolved in Version 2020.29.2; please update your app to the latest version. If you have updated to the latest version but are still experiencing issues, please reach out to support[at]7shifts.com so we can look into this further!

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