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Try Dote Timer now, the king of time management!

Are you having trouble managing your time? Need to concentrate, but your smartphone is distracting you? Organizing your work or even recording your study time, everything can be done with Dote Timer!

Flip Timer
UP your concentration with a timer that runs when your flip your smartphone!
Let’s get away from smartphone addiction!
Get donation coins every 10 minutes of concentration
You can even use a countdown timer that works like a pomodoro timer!

Time Table
Unique time table that allows you to compare your plans with the actual records at a glance!
Maximize time utilization with a 10-minute dot-separated planner

Various statistical charts
It’s not end with record! Analyze your concentration time in detail with various graphs and charts!
Identify your improvement with daily statistics, annual statistics, cumulative statistics, weekly statistics, hourly statistics and plan leaderboards at a glance

Donation Program
You can donate the collected coins to gift notes for underprivileged students!
Donation rangking are changing in real time basis

Three Lines a Day
How are you today?
Share your diary in three lines. Motivate each other with friends around the world

Study Group ‘Study With’
Try taking notes with your friends in real time!
There are various themes such as classrooms, libraries, offices, fitness places and others. Group member statistics.

Premium Features
Try premium features that are constantly being updated.
More efficient time management developed by time management experts

Dote Timer Wear OS Support!!!
How to use
1. Add a task in Dote Timer(mobile phone App).
2. Open the Dote Timer(Watch App) and select a task by pressing the ‘Choose a task’ button.
3. Press the START button to start recording.
4. When the recording is finished, press the STOP button to save the recording and end it.

caution :
1. Watch must be connected to the mobile phone.
2. Dote Timer must be installed on the mobile phone.


First, You need to click To Do List and create category to use this app.

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When we try to concentrate on something,
there are so many distractions.
One of the biggest distractions is the smartphone.
You need to focus on the book.
But I find myself looking at the phone.
The plan was to study for 5 hours
But you actually spent only 1 hour on the book?
Dote Timer is the answer!
Let’s start with the special proprietary features of Dote Timer.

First, Dote Timer starts only when you flip the device (screen facing down).
It will automatically stop when you use or move the phone after activating the timer.
Thus, you can concentrate on study or work.

Second, you can compare the plan with
your actual concentration record.
Set up the D-Day of your task.
And categorize it into A, B, or C depending on the importance
to set up a precise plan.

Third, the thickness of color denotes how much you concentrated.
Thus, you can easily find out the days
when you concentrated on your tasks.
Especially the app shows in different colors
the days of concentration and the days you failed to concentrate throughout the year.
So you can compare how you fared yesterday and today
to make your day more productive.

In addition, collect coins by using the timer
and donate them for underserved people.
My accumulated time of concentration is converted into coins.
When they reach a certain threshold,
Dote Planner and Dote Book will be donated to underserved students.
There are also the standings of donation,
Which motivates the users to compete in the donation of coins.

Dote Timer can be set up as desired.
Just focus on what you have to do to contribute to society.
The most efficient time management app for the perfect time allocation.
Download Dote Timer now!

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Dote Timer user reviews :

I like the app but for me personally, it has a massive downside- not being able to record the activities without having to keep the phone turned down… I need to access info from my phone when I work or study, and so I can’t use the app at all other than the scheduling aspect of it… please modify having to keep the phone’s screen facing down for it to record activities, or at least offer a possibility to switch between 2 modes (screen down required – not required)… please consider this

  • Hi, this is Dote Timer. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. I’ll pass your feedback on to our development team to review. I’m sure it will be very helpful to us. We look forward to serving you even better!

I want to use this app but i can’t even open it… I tried downloading it again and restarting my phone but it’s just not opening… It’s just stuck on the logo screen and nothing is happening Please tell me what to do

  • Hello, this is Dotetimer. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experienced using the app. Turn off the location setting for Dotetimer privileges in Settings, and run it again. We are currently working on this issue, so please send additional details to skyktc75[at] so we can solve it faster We will try to provide better service!

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