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Join the last sorceress, Anna, as she enters a realm of wonders. Play minigames, discover enchanted worlds and discover an unforgettable story!

Discover the coming of age story of young Anna, the last sorceress in her kingdom, as you experience magic and wonder!

Raised by a talking cat named Tail, Anna is on the verge of a life-changing discovery that will reveal the truth behind who she is. Standing in her way is the evil Queen, who intends to steal Anna’s innate magic and use it to bring about an age of darkness.

Taking inspiration from a fairytale its creator wrote for his daughter, “”A Tale of Anna”” presents a world packed with puzzles and brimming with captivating characters. As you explore the game’s enchanted worlds, you’ll play challenging minigames, collect objects that Anna needs to progress and gradually reveal an unforgettable story of humor and heart.

Will you help Anna stop the Queen and fulfill her destiny? Download and play A Tale for Anna today.


Discover an enchanting story
Explore stunning locations on your relaxing adventure
Find cool hidden objects
Several mini games to be mastered
Exciting puzzle games
Stunning sounds and graphics
Fabulous atmosphere
Vivid, memorable characters

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A Tale for Anna user reviews :

Love the story and the graphics so far but I’m finding that the item menu keeps hiding itself and I have a lot of difficulty getting it unhidden again which is extremely frustrating as it interferes with gameplay significantly.

  • Thank you for your review. Are you having trouble with the game? Send us a message from within the game or send an email to ghos[at]gamehouse.com and we can help you resolve it.

It probably could be a fun game (with the exception of the horrendous amount of ads constantly) but the developers released it without actually spending the time needed to make sure it works properly. All the reviews are all poor due to different bugs. I was able to get through the first part, but the second part won’t load and crashes. I’ve emailed support who just says they’re aware and working on it. With the amount of complaints, this should have been worked on BEFORE releasing.

Well I only have one major main complaint I was really getting into your game so I realized I had to pay for the rest of it so I can finish the level that I was even doing that was so unfair you could have put that in the writing before anybody has to download it too bad you had a winner there that was really fun to play

It’s a very simple yet fun game! Some items are well hidden compared to others, making the gameplay a bit challenging sometimes. Some of the mini games also have confusing instructions. I wish it could’ve been a bit longer.. keep up the great work devs!

Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

A charming, but very short game. I loved the origin story, and the plot of the actual game was cute. Graphics were vivid and fun. It’s definitely for kids, but was a nice distraction. However, I do not think $9.99 is a fair charge as the game is quickly completed. Unhappy about that.

Ive only been playing for like 30mins but so far it’s been fun and exciting game. Mini games aren’t to difficult nor that easy. The only issues I have with the game aren’t that major. One is that it says that the game size is only like 110 or so but thats not true. It’s really like 600 or so. I really didnt care for that error on their part. And also you can’t click on certain things until she needs them. But all in all it’s a pretty decent game.

  • Thank you for the awesome review!!! Do share the game on your social media pages as well.

The reason for making the game is very sweet. It’s not very long but I really enjoyed it. Different from the usual GH pick and serve type games, which I liked. I do think the ads after paying are a bit cheeky, but they’re not running ads, just screen ads that can be quickly closed. I don’t mind paying for GH games, they’re usually really fun and interesting.

  • Thank you for the awesome review!!! Do share the game on your social media pages as well.

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