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[Game] Portal Knight

Portal Knight

Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimate Portal Knight!

Leave the familiar world behind and step into the fantastic unknown with Portal Knights, a cooperative 3D sandbox action-RPG! Level up your character and craft powerful gear to defeat your enemies in real-time tactical combat. Explore dozens of randomly-generated islands and restore peace to a world torn apart by The Fracture.

RPG character classes including warrior, ranger and mage.

Tactical action combat.

Epic boss battles.

Travel between randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds.

Meet the colorful inhabitants of the land, complete their quests, and recruit them to your home.

Architect your own island! Create AMAZING structures quickly and easily in Creative Mode!

Mine and gather resources from across the lands to craft your arsenal and supplies.

Build your home with dozens of materials and furnishings.

Play with up to 4 friends across mobile platforms (on the same Wi-Fi).

Random Events.

Supports dual-stick game controllers.

Larger islands available on devices with 2GB or more memory.

In-game languages supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Thai.

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Portal Knight user reviews :

I love this game. The graphics are superb, even at mid range. The story is enough to give the game direction. The items and crafting options are abundant and well balanced. The only qualms I have so far are with the controls. They tend to be a little clunky and the camera is difficult to control in tight spaces. I keep running into the issue of mining/attacking/interacting about 8 squares to the right of where I’m aiming, which is incredibly frustrating when collecting resources and building.

Great game. It runs very well and feels the way I always imagined a true Minecraft “ADVENTURE” mode. That being said, this is a game on its own and way more than just another Minecraft clone. It’s a well-made adventure game, the worlds are beautiful and full of things to explore, the characters are adorable and the leveling and crafting systems work well. My only gripe are the controls. While building, I sometimes add blocks in a place I am not even looking at and during combat, it it sometimes hard to lock on to enemies (and once I am locked on, I sometimes get pinned down in corners). But 90% of the time everything works fine and even if it doesn’t, it is still very much playable and enjoyable.

Two issues and one dislike. Issue #1: My character automatically jumps when I get close to an edge. Why does it do this? I’ve died so many times by this. A button to turn off auto-jump would be useful. Issue #2: No Mini-Map. This needs to be added Big Time! Mostly to find people in those big castle locatoons. Dislike: Why is there a magnifying glass when destroying blocks? It’s annoying. Besides what I mentioned above, this game is INCREDIBLY FUN! Grinding is a drag, but I prefer it that way

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend having customizable controls on mobile. Some of the button placement feels unnatural. Also I feel like the rolling feature outside of combat should be linked to a button rather than clicking the left joystick in a direction as I’ve accidentally triggered this so many times in situations where I was trying to make very small step in a certain direction

a lovely mix between minecraft and crashlands with a fantasy element. A unique game in itself. i usually dont rate stuff on Google play, but this game deserves the 5 stars. worth every cent. *edit* the game crashes whenever i change islands in adventure mode. i dont lose any data. i just have to restart the game and then ill be in the island i tried to go to. so its just an inconvenience. still a great game and ill keep playing through that. but please fix it soon.

  • We really appreciate you taking the time to review ours, James

I love this game on the PS4 so I figured I’d try this version. Unfortunately, I have already had problems after a few hours of having it. Every time I exit the game (to view a text or something) and try to reenter the game it crashes making me lose progress. I wish I could give this 5 stars but not until the crashes stop.

Very good game, I have it on console. However The mobile game hasn’t been updated for a while now which is disappointing. Good controls although I use my xbox controller. Great gameplay and quests to complete although something more interesting would be nice. Graphically great and also give you the option to turn the quality if you have a phone without a great processor. Game loads very quick, quicker than xbox ha!

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