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[Game] A Way To Smash – Puzzles and St

A Way To SmashIn this minimalist puzzle game, your mission is to smash all opponents on the battlefield.

The mechanics of the game are turn-based, which means that the opponents only make a move after you do. Smash all the glass enemies on the map, and don’t let them get close to you.

1. Destruction
In a way, the game is a form of meditation presented as a relaxing puzzle. All of the opponents in the game are made of fragile, brittle material. Destruction is accompanied by such pleasant sounds, such as broken glass, that enter into a state of flow, which allows you to pass one level after another without stopping.

2. Characters
You can play as one of several characters. Each one has their own attack animation and fighting style. A warrior with a katana cuts enemies, while a bouncer with a bat breaks them to pieces. Choose your own path. Use your sword, bat, or fists to win battles.

3. Levels
We’ve created 150 detailed levels of varying difficulty. Each level requires particular tactics to pass it, and different opponents require a unique approach. For example, an ordinary enemy is destroyed with one hit, but the boss has three lives.

Immerse yourself in this meditative world of puzzles and battles in a new game from the developers of Glory Ages – Samurais and Slash of Sword.

A Way To Smash user reviews :

It’s very easy to accidentally attack one enemy while intending to attack another. This just happened to me while using a walkthrough. Consequently, my walkthrough was used up, and the level remained unsolved. This pissed me off a bit, TBH. I can’t watch a video to obtain additional walkthroughs (it never shows videos for some reason), and I’m definitely not paying for them. I like the game, but these are annoying issues.

Nice game, smooth animation and nice quality graphics. But the Players will easily bored when we playing games like this, because there are no story or dialogs between the enemy and the players. So my opinion is you can improve this game with adding some dialogs, story in it. But I think if you want to make a new game with this engine, please make the game like an adventure and fast paced fighting so we can move our character manually. Make your games even better, Good Luck !

Fun concept that unfortunately grows tedious quickly. The biggest problem is that the enemy movement is inconsistent. Some moves they’ll move only a short distance, while in other scenarios they’ll cover a huge amount of distance and shatter you to pieces. And then in other situations, enemies that seem like they should move won’t react at all! As a result the challenge presented here feel unearned and designed to frustrate the player into buying more walkthrough kits.

Pros: A decent puzzle game. Cons: it makes my phone really, really hot; sometimes the ads freeze the game and I have to go back to the home screen and relaunch it to continue.

It’s good at first, but it quickly becomes a trial and error game. There’s no real way to predict the movement of the characters when there are a dozen of them. Ads every 3 attempts.

It’s a fun, Brain teasing game. I love the design and overalls of this game but i didn’t quite find it appealing enough. Although i may get back to this game if it improves.

It’s quite like super hot. The enemies can move when you move and you have to figure out who to kill at what time

No ads, strategy based, best part of the is you’ll hit last man with a really cool animation moreover the characters are free

at first I thought it was a hack and slash type of game but I was surprised when it turns out to be some sort of strategy game since you really need to think what kind of move you will make so the others will not be able to smash you. great game.

I love the game so much, it’s brilliant,,, hope you add more level soon

There’s a lot of reviews saying it gets hard but it’s a puzzle game that’s what it’s supposed to do you should just get smarter kid

I like it but, it gets boring after a while, and if there more characters that would be something to work for

Beautiful game with amazing graphics and smooth animation. Characters are free

fun game, good way to pass the time when commuting or waiting for someone.

A way to slay has level up to A way to smash. Smashingly slaying awesome!

It very interesting to play and it very very nice and good bring more interested levels

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