Mmm Fingers – Touch and hold the screen as long as you can

[Game] Mmm Fingers

Mmm Fingers

How long can you protect your fingers from the hungry monsters?!

Mmm Fingers is a fun, single touch high score game oozing with charm from the creators of Small Fry and Flappy Golf. Touch and hold the screen as long as you can. Don’t lift your finger or hit anything with teeth or else CHOMP, it is game over. Compete against your friends using in game leaderboards to see who can survive the longest.


Leaderboards and Achievements
One Touch Control Scheme
No In App Purchases

Mmm Fingers user reviews :

As frustrating (challenging) as this game is, it’s pretty fun. It’s SO CHALLENGING that’s its frustrating because you get so close to beating your high score, to just completely eating it and having to start over. You end up playing over & over again out of pure frustration! It’s not too challenging that you never want to play again, in fact, it’s quite the opposite! Download the game! You’ll love it!

Hello I think that it’s a great game but the blue monsters are annoying  but it’s okay because they give a bit of a challenge maybe if you add different modes like upside-down or like dark mode and we can only see through a small circle so that we’ll try and focus more. Also you can put like in the hard mode like a red monster before we start the match not a green one & an online mode would be nice like a race or something Idk you’ll figure it out. Thank you so much for reading

I loved this game a lot! But today, I witnessed so many bugs or I don’t know what’s the problem, but every time I close the game and restart, all my scores and achievements are just GONE! My highest score was above 2000, and now it’s gone. Also, some of the monsters are in slow motion which is not feeling good to me. One more thing, the IOS version of the game has the little tracking blue triangle monster from so long and I want it in this game! Please fix these issues, I want my scores back!

  • Hello there! Thanks for your review! This was a bug on our end that we have since fixed. Check the Play Store for the most recent update, and if you continue to experience any issues please reach out to us at and we can help you out! Thanks!

25/5/2022 It had been few years since I last uninstalled it but I’m surprised to see they have updated the game to include the blue tracking triangles. Nice job. With this I reinstated the 5 stars rating that I initially gave the game.

It’s a very nice and fun game but can get very addictive which is not very good but over all would recommend with limits (not more than half an hour a day) in my opinion…

Been playing this for years, literally years lol and the recent update with that blue following thing has made the game more interesting and more challenging, thank you developers. (The only thing i hated was it was linked to my Google Play games but still all my records got vanished but nvm it is a great game still)

I really love this game since I was a kid, it was fun and challenging. But, it would be more good if you guys add a shop where you can buy a trail effect on your finger

I love this game. This game deserves 5 stars but the reason for 3 stars is that its not responding for me now. I checked whether i have the latest version too. Devs plz tell me a way to fix this so that i can give a 5 star review and enjoy the game

I used to love this game but the new feature where you need to keep your finger in the screen is just too much. You die instantly if you dont press your finger or your phone is high grade enough to keep track on your finger in the screen for a long period of time.

Love this game!! , simple and effective , really i played a perfect game after a long time , i would like to be able to set the levels of game – like easy , normal , hard and able to select different themes and backgrounds . The thing i like the most is that tje blood remains there till many times and we can even select the colour of it , I would like to play more such games made by same editor .

It’s an awesome game, really. But have u ever like consider to add skins to the monsters, or maps, cosmetics etc. This would really increase like a new purpose and motivation for players to keep on playing. Most of all, it’s a pretty good arcade game, and i think more updates on this would really be much appreciated.

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