A3 STILL ALIVE – Fight to survive under the darkness of a red moon


A3 STILL ALIVE  A3: STILL ALIVE, finally launching!

Game Introduction
A3: STILL ALIVE is a dark fantasy open-world RPG with a fully integrated battle royale mode on mobile.

Game Features
A3: STILL ALIVE offers various competitive PvP battle modes that players can enjoy solo or with a group.
Dark Presence: Open-field 100 vs 100 large scale battle mode with unrestricted PK between two teams in the darkness! Fight to survive under the darkness of a red moon.
Beware! Your allies or guild members might suddenly become enemies!
Try to survive the darkness with your team by defeating berserk players!

Battle Royale: A survival game mode that ends with a sole victor.
A real-time battle for survival where 30 players fight under the same conditions!
Experience the tension that comes with fog of war as the battlefield shrinks with every passing moment.
Earn rare and exclusive loot by becoming the final survivor!

Soul Linkers: The next generation of battle partners.
No need to fight all alone!
Strategically select your Soul Linkers based on the situation to become the ruler of the battlefield! There are over 270+ different kinds of Soul Linkers sorted into 3 types: ATK, DEF, and SUPP.
Become the ruler of the battlefield with the aide your Soul Linker’s Ultimate powers!

Guilds: Tackle various strategic battles with fellow guild members.
[Conquest] Steal or be stolen from! Conquer more territory while battling the opposing guild!
[Forte’s Seal] Enjoy multiplayer mode with guild-exclusive raids!
[Guild Festival] Participate in the festival in your guild hall with fellow guild members to acquire a number of Guild Chests that contain special items!

Vast Open World!
Explore rich environments such as snowfields, deserts, forests, and more!

5 Different Classes With Unique Play Styles
Templar A magical melee character who uses a hammer to draw the holy power from within and a thick shield to withstand oncoming attacks.
Wizard – A magical ranged character who uses a spellbinding ring to unload powerful attacks.
Berserker – A physical melee character who wields a great axe and a cursed power to pulverize the enemy.
Archer – A physical ranged character who uses accurate shots and agile movements to toy with the enemy.
Assassin – A physical melee character who dives deep into enemy lines to unleash a sequence of attacks.

Permission Access Info
Selective Permission Access
This is used for functions like voice chatting between players.
Storage Space
This is required for functions like capture gameplay video.
There are no restrictions to the game even if you don’t agree to the access permissions.

Product Info and Use Conditions Info
Recommended System Requirements: AOS 6.0 or newer, RAM 3GB
This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.
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A3 STILL ALIVE user reviews :

The game is good at first but this updates are becoming ridiculous. If you’re a free to play player you will be left behind and maybe not even get a rewards from their events. It’s totally unbalanced. The more U spend the more stronger U become. And then get rekt on older server during Velangort events. Not much content but they keep adding more items on cash shop so they can milk U more. I threw some money on this game to support it but they are just getting too greedy now imo.
  • Netmarble
  • Greetings! We’re sorry to hear about your experience with us so far. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to provide better experiences for our player base. Your insight will aid us immensely as we work on future content, fixes, and updates. We hope you stick around to see what else we’re developing!

Really loved it!!!! I was waiting for a very long time to play a game like this one and finally I am able to. For past several years I haunted every website and youtube channel in search of a rpg game that won’t be too complex, yet it has to be a good storyline as well as charecter development. And not to mention that I tried a few game before like Dragon Raja, Onmoyji etc but never made my mind to stick with that and spent my precious time. But in this one…I am going to.

Finally connected, but I’m not real impressed so far… From everything I’d seen and read about this game, I was not expecting it to be another game that plays itself… I mean, do something different and break away from the autoplay stuff… Without exaggeration, theres like 100s of games like this that come out a year. The song and dance gets old after a while. I’ll give it a chance since I pre registered for the discount package and it still may surprise me, but so far… Meh…
  • Netmarble
  • Greetings! We are sorry to hear about your experience with us so far. Your insights have made us more aware of the areas we can improve. Please be patient as we work towards bettering our services. Thank you!

This game surprised me. I’m honestly surprised how focused it feels in terms of its systems and overall gameplay. Everything feels really solid and easy to understand, rather than being overwhelmed with things that are just slapped on for good measure, and the soul linker system is really cool with the fact that they have activatable skills and what not. The BR mode is fun also. It is a bit grindy, but it’s not as bad as some other games. Overall, I enjoy it a lot.

Gameplay is good , graphics are realistic , controls are decent. We all know there’s one thing that should be fixed. Please remove the ViP system , we all need same gear and let’s just say it most of the players are kids. They don’t have money to buy ViP. One more thing .. please try to clear the screen itself. There is a bunch of menus on the same screen. Its annoying sometimes. Overall good game.

Latest Update :

New Character Update: Soulbinder “”Peltra”” is Available
Meet the Soulbinder, who uses a power greater than death to overcome destiny

Contact developer :


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