My Little Terrarium – Meet cute animal friends

[Game] My Little Terrarium – Garden Idle

My Little Terrarium  Your own small garden inside a glass bottle

Grow and water various plants!
Meet cute animal friends!
Listen to your friends’ stories!
Take part in exciting events!
Create a variety of Terrariums!

How to Play
1. Succulents, cacti, roses, cherry blossoms…care for the seedlings to grow them.
2. Place the various plants to your liking and create your own garden.
3. Satisfy certain times and conditions to invite animal friends.
4. Bichon, Meerkat, Rabbit…they all have different tastes! Feed them and befriend them.
5. Listen to the animals’ worries and receive special gifts.
6. Listen to classic music loved by plants and heal your heart.
7. Don’t forget to water the plants everyday!

Plants and animals will be continuously updated!

This application needs access to the following ONLY for managing save data and video ads. No personal information will be gathered using those access.

My Little Terrarium user reviews :

Beautiful graphics, relaxing gameplay and perfectly fitting music. Love taking care of my animals, I do when I wake up and before bed. It helps me relax so much. Update however, I kept my plants alive for MONTHS. No matter what I always watered at least 1x a day. Today I had a bad day and now all my hard work is gone unless I watch an ad for each plant so I’m even more upset. I love this game and I just lost everything..

I wish there was more interaction, but if you want a steady visit once a day game this is a good one! It’s hard to spend much longer than an hour at a time unless you are consistently watching ads in order to redeem in game items. There are puzzles that you can play to recieve coins which is cool. The game allows you customize each terrarium for different animals however they each have certain needs to it can be limited in some ways.

Original (4 stars) Love the graphics, very adorable. Edit 1: Animal variety is also nice but I would like more ex: when the earth day event was going on. The 2048 mini game has issues when you want to open a second box you got after watching an ad. Sometimes it loads but most of the time it doesn’t. That’s really the only most recent issue I could think of.

It’s a very nice game to play when just trying to relax. I wish you could do more daily games and puzzles. I really like playing 2048 and only being able to play a few times is disappointing. There are cute little details like the meerkats not liking pointy frames because they remind them of crow beaks. I think for such a little game, it truly is pretty creative, in-depth, and something I find myself coming back to regularly. Edit: I’d like there to be a way to maybe make or buy specific food

Pretty cute game. The music is relaxing, and the animals are adorable. My only real complaints are that you can’t change the type of garden once you’ve chosen at the start, and the puzzle gets a little boring after cycling through the same images so many times. With that out of the way, it’s still very nice, and it puts a smile on my face when I check in.

Its a really fun game game to be able to customize your own terrarium! The only thing that made me give it four stars is that it’s anoying that you have to come back every single day and water your plants or your plants die! I do recommend this game if you like to decorate!

This game is absolutely amazing. I have been playing for almost a year and counting, honestly so therapeutic. I have over 50mil and every terrarium full with all available animals and plants. Please bring out some more stuff. I feel like i have finished the game!

So cute and so adorable! It seemed a bit slow to get things set up and get into the flow but after a while, I’ve just founded myself completely lost in the game. Maybe because of Mozart playing in the background. So high five for both the game and excellent background music I’ve never felt the urge to stop instantly after launching the app.

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