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Active MeditationThe Active Meditation™ mobile app provides free streaming meditations and sound experiences to empower users to access better thinking, relaxation, and greater wisdom as well as the potential for emotional calmness and happiness.

Active Meditation is a process of consciously directing your thoughts and feelings to expose them to the benefit of your inner intelligence and compassion. Everyone has moments when they seem to think much more clearly or feel much more benevolent and peaceful.

The app includes completely guided online courses for beginners and advanced meditators. It also includes a large variety of sounds, music and meditation to help users sleep better and fall asleep more easily.

Active Meditation user reviews :

I love the Active Meditation app, no ads, no glitches just pure, smooth running meditations and courses, easy listening and easy navigation. An uncomplicated app in my opinion. The content is perfect for those who are wanting to work on themselves in order to achieve freedom of mind. The courses are easy to follow, well thought out and caters for all levels. The binaural beat meditations are great for all tastes. Whats more it’s free. I Am grateful to all of you at Team Active Meditation

I am so excited to have found Active Meditation! With the guided meditations and the binaural beats, it is one of the best meditation apps I have discovered. The fact that it is free, everyone should download this app.

There is little more valuable in teaching today than ACIM. To have a daily audio of the lessons is a true gift. The app itself is straightforward, intuitive and works well. I am very impressed and grateful.

  • Thanks Kristine! We aim to provide a unique and useful experience. Glad to hear we hit the mark for you!

Love the mix of guided meditations, ambient meditation sounds, and binaural beats. Everything I’m after. Will post a review once I’ve dived into the courses a little more.

I have it for a while but I never used it I had so many other meditation things going on so I just made room and got rid of it so I really can’t tell you much about it but I’ll get you 5 stars

A wonderful method of meditation. The ACIM lessons take you deep into learning the path to freedom. Highly recommend

Really enjoying the guided meditations. Helping me through what was a dark time.

  • That’s really encouraging to hear. Doesn’t get better than hearing your work has helped someone! Take care Aaron and thank you for sharing!

Awesome! Been searching for such life changing and self discovery app and boom!

  • Thanka Mercy. We love to hear that!

Fabulous meditation app with new content being uploaded, enjoy it everyday.

I am amazed at all the work they put into this app.GREAT WORK DEV. TEAM. awesome app.

  • Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback. We hope we can continue to impress you as we further develop the app!

All I can say is that, The truth Will set You free

Wonder, I, wszk

  • We see that you gave us 1 star. We would really like to know if you’re having any problem with the app. If you have any suggestion to help us improve, please let us know at support[at] Thank you

life changing

  • Thank you Jill! We are so happy to know you find this app valuable.

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