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OthershipOthership is a music-driven breathwork app designed to help you shift your state one breath at a time.

Cultivate big lung energy and harness the power of your breath to regulate your nervous system through your energetic, mental and emotional bodies in as little as 60 seconds for up to 60 minutes.

Consider this your new daily ritual to energize and start your day, improve focus + performance, decompress after work, wind down for a deep sleep, or release negative emotions with short + effective exercises when you need them most.

Our active sessions are set to music with guidance from world-renowned breathwork facilitators to shift your body + brain quickly. Rooted in ancient tradition, informed by modern science, and inspired by magic, Othership’s meticulously curated guided breathwork practices are simultaneously playful and effective.

Explore the ins + outs of your breath with guidance from psychotherapists, wellness practitioners, hypnotherapists, artists, DJ’s, spiritual teachers, and life coaches, featuring breathwork, guided meditations, affirmations + visualizations, sound healing, hypnosis, somatic release therapy, vocal toning, self-massage, mindful walking + working, movement + dance, and more trippy stuff.

Our app features daily UP and DOWN sessions to keep your practice feeling fresh. Spend less time deciding and more time breathing. Our curated weekly practice offers a longer haul, transformative journey designed to give you a complete release + reset from the stressors of modern living.

Othership offers five types of daily breathing styles with unique benefits:

Harness the power of your breath to energize and kickstart your day. Cultivate focus and productivity. Fight fatigue and tap vitality. Explore elevating practices to get lifted and stay lifted.

Build a routine for deep rest and better sleep. Unwind with practices to de-stress and linger in stillness. Soothe anxiety and find centre.

Practice self-care with deeply transformative journeys designed to create the space + presence needed to gather meaningful insights. Reach altered states, regulate your emotions, and cultivate mind-body connection.

Combine conscious breathing with mindful movement and embodiment practices including self-massage, gentle stretching, dancing, and somatic therapy.

Learn the science behind how + why we do breathwork. Try a benchmark breathing test to track your progress from A to B to infinity.

Shift your state through a medley of breathing styles including: box breath, diaphragmatic breathing, Wim Hof Method, ocean breath, alternate nostril, 4-7-8 breathing, Buteyko Method, coherent breathing, breath of fire, triangle breath, dynamic breathing, kundalini pranayam, up-regulated breathing and lots more.

Come for the journey. Stay for the shift.

Access to 500+ on-demand breathwork sessions
Inspiring soundscapes from sound healing musicians, artists and DJs
Streak and progress tracking
Custom challenges and pathways to meet your mindfulness goals
World-renowned breathwork facilitators
Curated daily notifications to amplify your practice and ignite your personal growth
Stay inspired with new sessions released weekly
A global community of daily breathers

Transformation in your hands.

T’s + C’s
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Othership user reviews :

Love this app!! So upbeat and friendly. Only issue is that on some of the practices the music is a bit to loud to hear the instructor I look forward to joining the Othership crew every morning for a fantastic start to my day!!

  • Your words of support and appreciation keep us lifted, Linda! We’re honored to support you on your breathwork journey Thank you so much for sharing this valuable feedback. We’re committed to improving and evolving the Othership experience.

It’s easily the best breath work app I’ve come across. The combination of music and binaural beats with guided breathing sets it apart, and the production level for each session is top-notch!

  • Thank you so much for this beautiful share, Christopher! We hope our content continues to bring value to your life

I really love the few free breathwork meditations: the music, the guidance. Very good. But: the subscription price is just too high. Financially, I’m unable to pay this price and will probably uninstall Othership, even though I would be someone who would use it every day. It appeals to me. I hope others with better financial means are able to enjoy all of this app.

  • Thank you so much for this beautiful share! We’re so glad you reached out with this feedback. We are committed to accessibility and will always continue to provide free memberships to anyone who reaches out acknowledging financial stability as a determinant of access. Please email us at admin@othership.us and we will gift you a free membership.

Great music, noticable altered states. Each breathwork, of which there are hundreds, is synched to very fun edm/chill/psychedelic tracks with top quality production. The breathwork produces notable feelings of bliss, balance and calm on demand. A lot of fun and I look forward to using it daily!

  • Thank you so much for this beautiful review, Kelly!. Your words of support and appreciation mean so much to us!

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