Adventure Escape Starstruck – The case gets stranger and stranger

[Game] Adventure Escape Starstruck

Adventure Escape StarstruckAdventure Escape Starstruck : A famous actress goes on a simple errand to pick up a new pet, and she never returns.

When her trusty personal assistant turns up dead in the park, the case gets stranger and stranger. Detective Kate Gray must search the city high and low to find her. Investigate a movie set, a celebrity mansion, a creepy warehouse, the city park, and more! Meet a curious cast of characters along the way, including an eccentric hip hop singer and his pet tiger, an angry yoga instructor, the town drunk, and a wildlife smuggler.

Join millions of happy Adventure Escape players and see if you can solve this Starstruck mystery!

Beautiful graphics bring the city to life!
Explore a wide variety of locations, from a movie set to a city park to a celebrity mansion!
Solve devious puzzles and riddles!
Get the whole game for FREE! You’re never forced to pay!
Gather tools and items to aid in your search!
Memorable characters!
Find hidden objects that help you solve the case!
It’s free! No registration, no hassles, just download and play.

Unravel the mystery of Adventure Escape: Starstruck! Will you find the movie star before she’s struck down forever?

We are a small indie game studio that loves making games. Our Adventure Escape™ series has been played by tens of millions of players. Solve murders in Framed for Murder, investigate paranormal phenomenon in Midnight Carnival, and travel through time in Time Library. Search for “haiku games” to find us!


Adventure Escape Starstruck user reviews :

out of all the ones I played this is my least favorite. a lot of the clues and the answers made no sense, some puzzles didn’t even have any clues on how to solve them, and some clues have no connection with their answer whatsoever …. a lot of random guessing with this one. not to mention how it doesn’t save your progress at all. if you’re new to these games don’t start with this one cause it’ll just make you dislike the whole games which are amazing ….

Beautiful graphics but one thing very uncomfortable for me – it is not able to save the game by quitting it. You must go through all previous steps till your last saving. And saving is only by the end of each stage. It is not right should be able to save by every exit

Had higher expectations from you guys. Some of these puzzles are just “what the what?”. I love the series but all that counting this and multiplying that is ridiculous. I realized you might want to prolong the gameplay, but seriously, why ruin the thing just for the sake of it? Awesome storyline though, great puzzles in there. Don’t overdo it

Please make more chapters in the haiku games. It’s too short with its 5, 8, 10 chapters, I need one with like 20 chapters atleast. Great games, keeps me busy and wanting to move on to the next chapter.

Overall its an great game. I was wondering how to get the last achievement. I could not get the Detective Work trophy even though I completed the whole game. Any particular way to get this trophy? Please help. I searched the achievement forum and found nobody is able to get this trophy. Is it clitch?

I super love Haiku games, everything is well thought-of and very fun to play!! The mini games are challenging but not impossible to solve. Please do more!!

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