Kids beach adventures – It is time for travelers family to have sea holiday

[Game] Kids beach adventures

Kids beach adventures  New kids games about sea adventures.

It is time for travelers family to have sea holiday. Exciting plane trip and exciting adventures for kids and their parents at the sunny beach are waiting for Hippo family.

The best Educational kids Games, which consists of different tasks, such sticker puzzles, supermarket, funny water jumps and ice cream maker. Even a comfortable hotel has a lot of surprises. And of course, everything is for free. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go! It would be unforgettable sea holiday.

First of all Hippo family need to check-in into a big comfortable hotel. Here we can look through interesting magazines with sticker puzzles, use elevator and get acquainted with hotel guests. After trying different clothes and dresses we will eat sweets and exotic dishes. And a whole supermarket with exotic food is waiting for us! But it is the very beginning. Adventures are everywhere! Today we discover who is the best at making sand figures and who is the best at jumping. What a tasty ice cream you can try at the beach food trucks! This summer will be the best summer ever! Our kids games are suitable for boys and girls.

Holiday and exciting adventures are waiting for you in a new game from Educational Kids Games! Have a lot of fun! Stay tuned and Stay with us.

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Kids beach adventures user reviews :

This game is so nice but only I have three stars so many ads and no interesting game but I get 3 Stars
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your comment. What should we do to make the game better? It is very important for us to communicate with our users.
Your game is so awesome I love all of your games. can you make a beach one that’s so fun?
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback! We are very happy that you like our game.
You know why I love this game cuz it reminds me of the beach I love this sometime either it’s cool I love this game so cool p I love it so much cuz it’s in the use this game is I don’t know I’m still in yet cuz it’s flowing through my veins
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. We are always very happy when we receive 5 stars.
Soooo much fun game.But the adds are annoying.Whatever,very very fun game.You are soooo talented.My brother is sooooooooooo happy with this game.He play it everyday.I play this game too.When,My cousin’s come,my brother and cousin’s are fighting for my mobile.Very very interesting game.
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thanks for your feedback! We are very glad that you enjoyed the game.
I love this game because the way the hippos are having so much fun i wish i could do the same thing they are doing right now so this is a nice game and its womderful but an offense to covid 19 to know that they are at the beach having lots and lots of fun im sad
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. We are very happy to hear that you liked our game.
This is a well hotel and beach felling game.
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for rating the game and writing the comment.
This, Game is really fun! My little sister could learn, and do fun things ; i been playing this game when i was 3-4 years old.
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. We are very happy when we receive positive comments from our users.
This game is very good looks like we are talking to back view to real with the boss but all we have are connected to are memories we have with us and the rest remain the book and you play for it in 9 and 10 is opening for money $$$
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for rating the game.
This game is amazing! I make My 4 year old child Play it for 30 minutes a day and he loves it he always like these types of games that you make pls make more games like this!
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you for your comment. We are sure that you could find many other interesting games at our account.
it’s good game for little ones occasionally the instructions are misleading too many adverts but on the whole enjoyable. considering purchase.
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank You For Your Comment! We will work over our mistakes.
hi guys this is this games so awesome because the beach adventure and all the other things and mean do not wanted to pay actuall this is so good guys actually Chor some and some people think that this is childish game actually it’s stresses from various things from the kindest very good for kids under this is so awesome incredible excellent doing like this games will be so nice gift thank who made this game guys it’s so nice and nice I cannot believe this games for kids also because the knowled
  • Hippo Kids Games
  • Thank you so much! We like to work for our users.

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