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[Game] Aero Attack

Aero AttackEmbark on an epic journey in this thrilling aerial combat shooting game, where you’ll pilot your warplane to safeguard humanity’s new home, NOVA.

Immerse yourself in stunning next-gen visuals and intense space battles, as you fight against monstrous tanks, armored fighters, and colossal mechanical beasts.

With a variety of aircraft to collect and innovative stages to explore, the fate of NOVA lies in the hands of ace pilots like you.

Rally and battle for humanity’s future!


Astounding Visuals
Immerse yourself in the battlefield with breathtaking next-gen visuals!

Incredible Craft
Collect a variety of craft, from fighter planes to spaceships, components, and winged aircraft!

Innovative Stages
Embark on tasks across the entire planet NOVA – from outer space to lush forests, flowing rivers, vast oceans, and arid deserts!

Varied Challenges
Face off against monstrous tanks, armored fighters, drone carriers, and even colossal mechanical beasts to fulfill your duty!

Captivating Audio
Let the soaring melodies transport you from icy mountaintops and sprawling plains to the very heart of enemy territory! Immerse yourself in the crescendo of fierce space battles as the music vividly brings the game to life!

Ace pilots, assemble! Fight for humanity’s new home!

Aero Attack user reviews :

I really like this game. I don’t have many gripes with it. One thing I might suggest is cutting down the number of equippable items on the ships. Trying to keep up with, and upgrade 10-14 different things kinda takes away from other aspects. Maybe just 3-6? 1-3 for weapons, one or two for defense, etc. Other than that, I like the different things I can do!

Aero attack is the perfect example of Devs paying attention to the key and unique features of sky force and wing fighter, aswell as other games on the market and combining them together in a way that honestly… Works well and props to them for pulling it off! They have also added new features that are unique to this game and has some amazing enemy and boss designs. So far no signs of being a cash grab. Oh and no forced adds… Enough said.

Was a good game. Spent a lot of IRL $$$. After this updated, no more ads to skip or do thing. I also paid for ad skip forever. Now that’s gone. As if you wasn’t getting enough money from people, now I am using my Jems to pay for everything. Game got really slow now. I don’t have time to wait for these stupid waiting things. I might stop playing. No long something to do at work while waiting for things to finish.

Pretty enjoyable, although there are issues with watching videos were they start endlessly loading, and if you hit cancel and try again, it freezes the game. If you cancel but skip past it with no reward, the video will instead randomly pop up during game play and you STILL get no reward.

Advertisements are getting too long, too frequent. The gameplay flaws are like other players had already mentioned; there is not enough time to rescue the subjects when aircraft got too advanced. There are some bugs appear in the game. The flying shuriken got glitches and not collectible.

Fun to play you get a lot of free stuff. When I play there’s no ads unless you want to get a free chest witch is only fair. You can go far without having to pay to play I have not paid anything and I’m far in the game. It’s a really fun game I would recommend it over a lot of spaceship shooting games. The creators knew what they where doing with this game 100% fun

Well the game is really awesome, there’s so much to do! But the last update took away ADs, and now you need to spend 50 gems to refresh or claim double chips during missions and other stuff…i never thought id say this but PLEASE BRING BACK THE ADs!! Aswell as the multipliers!! Why did you remove that?! 5 stars for sure if you change that back!!

I have this game installed on my phone and I great game but there’s one thing I don’t like. For every battle or mission you have only 1 plane. (That should be 2 or 3 planes per mission) Can you guys please make minimum like 2 planes for every mission or battles. Should be great more fun and more enjoyable.

Still like this game even after its last update, but now the only complaints I have are I’m not earning 2x rewards during runs and raids (and I already spent money so I don’t have to watch ads anymore); I don’t like spending diamonds to get buffs I want during my runs; I’m not getting 3x online time rewards; and I’m not getting extra items from opened chests Other than that, I guess I’m good, just bring that back…

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