Galaxy Splitter – Ffree all the planets from hostile spaceships

[Game] Galaxy Splitter

Galaxy SplitterInterstellar peace is at stake and only you can save it! Accept your mission as fighter pilot in Galaxy Splitter and free all the planets from hostile spaceships!

This action game will beam you directly into a new galaxy with trigger-happy enemies and high-value cargo. Captain Smith will help start you on your galactic adventure. He’ll show you how to make your spaceship combat-ready with weapons and modules and what to collect on your missions.

The galactic Action Game

In this Vertical Shooter you will encounter a lot of enemies. Their spaceships are upgraded and the squadrons are ready to stop you on your mission. Beware of the projectiles and rockets – your protective shields won’t last forever!

Whether you will succeed in this action game highly depends on the right strategy. Choose an appropriate spaceship to liberate a planet: Will you choose the Fighter, the Interceptor or the Destroyer? All of them have completely different properties: speed, maneuverability, equipment capacity, and size of the cargo hold – there’s the perfect spaceship for every mission!

Also the right equipment will help you win:
weapons – fire automatically
modules – change / modify the values of weapons and spaceships
special weapons – can be fired only once per mission but are particularly strong
protective shield – resists enemy attacks

A vertical shooter in front of epic 3D planets

Your missions in Galaxy Splitter will lead you across a virtual galaxy with ever new challenges. Pick up your delivery and take on passengers. The opposing armada of spaceships will get in your way. Strike back with projectiles, rockets, and even stronger weapons! Also your ammunition has different characteristics:

simple ammunition: causes damage on impact
penetrating ammunition: shot continues flying after a hit
splitting ammunition: project divides on impact into secondary projectiles
explosion: causes damage in the whole region
homing ammunition: follows its target and always finds its mark

In case you’re facing superior enemies, you can employ evasive maneuvers. When you get hit by the enemy, you can have your spaceship repaired in the Hangar.

Let’s start your interstellar combat mission with this action-packed Vertical Shooter – play Galaxy Splitter now!

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Galaxy Splitter user reviews :

One of the best games on Womplay right now. Controls are excellent, and the upgrade system is better than any game in the genre. Highly customizable ships, and a wide range of weapons, modules, and boosts give the player literally hundreds of possible ship combinations. Due to the number of side missions and achievements that offer additional credits, you never get the feeling that the better ships will be forever out of reach. Over all a very fun and engaging experience! Highly Recommended!

  • Thank you very much! We’re so happy that you like the game so much!

This is a very good shmup with tight responsive controls, a slow time feature when you remove your finger, the ability to buy different guns and ordinance for your ship, and the ability to buy different ships as well! Your ships if damaged or destroyed, will need to be repaired. But as I said you are able to use multiple ships so just change the active ship and you’re good to go. The graphics and sound are nice and round out the game well. Other shmup bullet hell shooters should emulate this.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re glad you like our game! Maybe you also want to check out our other games at

Open the pod bay doors! This is brilliant:) Very well made indeed. Some beautiful planets and star fields to visit in many different ships. Would like the trading element of the game to be expanded & enhanced to sustain long term interest. Well Done Devs

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

This game is awesome, I do experience some lag sometimes but I think that it’s my phone but one part always lags is when the ships come from left to right in a bowling ten pin pattern. I usually die there.

  • Hello William, we are sorry to hear that you have problems with the game. :( Could you please contact our support staff? Our support staff will help you as soon as possible! You can find the support here: Best regards

Good gameplay seriouly enjoying it. But it is becoming frastrating with the frequent stalling and crashing of hanging during gameplay. Please fix the bug

  • Hello, we are sorry to hear that you have problems with the game. :( Could you please contact our support staff? Our support staff will help you as soon as possible! You can find the support here: Best regards

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