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AI Video EnhancerThe most professional video quality enhancer & photo enhancer in the market.

With just one tap, you can make all the videos clearer, and the resolution can be up to 4K. Whether you want to enhance your selfies, anime, 2D and 3D cartoons, black and white movies, even all the videos downloaded from Tiktok and Youtube, HiQuality can help you to improve the resolution into HD videos by using the most advanced Al algorithm. Come and start to enhance video quality and make video clear!

Video Beautification
Enhance selfie videos to better quality, unblur video to get better quality video, enlarger video and make video hd with ai video enhancer.
Add more facial details, such as eyelashes and hair can also be restored.
Suitable for your idol’s livestreaming screen records!
If you like “video brightener” and “video fix” features, or if you’d love to make your blurry video to high resolution, then you have to try Video Beautification in this ai video enhancer!

Anime Enhancement
Enhance Anime, 2D and 3D cartoons by using advanced AI technology.
Restore color and line details, make blurry video unblur, upscale video resolution and enlarge video size.
Enlarger the pixels, enhance video quality, video fix, make video clearer and high resolution, and the resolution of enhanced video is up to 4K!

Online Video Restore
Enhance all kinds of videos downloaded from the Internet with ai video enhancer.
Online social apps always blur video, but HiQuality unblur video, now you can stop worrying about blurry downloaded videos!
Do you hate blur videos, want to upscale video, smooth video, improve video quality to hd? HiQuality have kind of “video sharpen” and “video fix” features, if you like to make your blurry video to clear video, then you must try this blur video editor!

Old Film Repair
Enhance old films and documentaries to better quality, fix video easily, ai upscale your blur videos to get better video quality! Enhancefox, dogs and cats videos.
Black and white video clips are supported, enjoy hd videos although it’s old.
Remini video, no more worrying about the video resolution, make video high resolution, and the resolution of repaired video is up to 4K!
Smooth video, ai upscale video and fix blurry video to better quality by using our blur video editor.

Video Adjustment
Freedom to adjust your topaz video parameters to get better video quality.
Save your dark toned vlogs, upscale video with HiQuality!
As a topaz video quality enhancer and hd video editor, it’s also a video brightener, which can enhancefox “darkroom” effect, ai upscale your negative video, sharpen video and fix video to better quality.

Photo Enhancer
Repair old photos and increase the number of pixels in low quality, low resolution photos, a photo enhancer to better quality.

Do you want to ai upscale negative video, make video clear, and even make video hd? Do you want to use advanced “video sharpen” and “video unblur” features? Do you like “remini video”, “clear video” and make “darkroom” effects? As a blur video hater, if you want to remini video, improve video quality to hd, make every detail of the video clearer, sharpen video, fix blurry video and get better quality video, then you can’t miss this hd video editor & ai video enhancer—HiQuality!

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AI Video Enhancer user reviews :

SO. This is definitely the best video enhancer I’ve used, and I DO like the app. Here’s my reason for not giving it 5 stars: It takes pro cards to use the features, and there are multiple features to try. Unfortunately, I can’t try all of the different features without using the pro cards every time. I think having a preview option and only taking the pro cards if I’m happy with the result would be a better way to utilize the pro cards. Otherwise, it’s just another money drainer.

  • Hello, you can get free pro cards if you use our app day by day. All videos are sent to our server in order to generate enhanced results. Therefore, we have to earn a living if we continue to improve this app. Thank you for your understanding.

At first, I was pretty excited about this app and had been looking for one just like it for ages! Trimmed down my video to just 60 seconds to give it a good test (app says it takes 30 seconds to process just I second of video). I might be wrong but I did some sums and established that this clip should be done in 30 minutes (?). However, nearly 3 hours on it still hasn’t finished! Still have no idea what the final clip will look like because ran out of patience with waiting! Not very good!

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. May I ask what function you are using, how many seconds of video is imported, and what is the resolution of the imported video?

So… App worked pretty well for the first time. Definitely cleared up old terrible footage… Not even close to hd quality or anything but very noticeable difference. Took quite a while but satisfied with the outcome. Let’s see how it does with sd to hd… Next day… It didn’t even dawn on me until now but the video that I enhanced yesterday had captions everywhere. I’m really not sure how it’s possible but the app actually removed the captions with zero traces of them ever existing. Crazy

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