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Right GalleryYour private moments are protected. Discover Right Gallery, where your privacy is our priority.

Introducing Right Gallery, a new application designed for users who prioritize privacy and security. This app is specifically designed to keep your media collection secure and has the following features:

1. Intuitive and user-friendly interface with extensive customization options. You can view content by folder or all media files on your device with quick grouping by date, type, or extension.
2. There are no ads and no trackers to follow you or analyze your photos.
3. Biometric authentication or PIN entry: Keep unauthorized hands away from your gallery by requiring authentication before viewing its contents.
4. Built-in photo editor.

Join us at the Right Gallery where every image matters and stays private.

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Right Gallery user reviews :

Installed because of reviews saying it’s a clone of the much missed Simple Gallery, and on first impressions it almost is. If it turns out to really be, I’ll update this to 5 stars and be overjoyed! But for now, I can’t see that it has list view. For me this is a dealbreaker, so I very much hope I’m wrong. Surely this isn’t a missing feature? – PS. I also can’t find Help or FAQ in the menus… Surely, surely that’s my mistake too?!

While there are an impressive array of settings to personalize the flow, sort, and management, the length of time it takes to show me my pictures after opening the all each time is tiresome and excessive. Just blank for a solid minute or so every time

Thank you for this awesome gallery app. However when I grouped photos by date taken, it always sorted from the oldest first, and the ascending/descending option didn’t have any effect. I hope it gets fixed.

Pros: Can sort folders by many criteria, including name which is what I needed a new app for. Cons: It’s not letting me more photos into different folders. I gave the app permission, I have disc space, so I don’t know why this is happening

Gallery I like to keep a few gallons around this is called rain gallery right gallery it looks pretty good It’s got some good features It’s got some good editing and stuff I like it these people knew what they were doing there but in this program I tell you I ship already.

Best app I could find, but sorting on Date Taken doesn’t seem to work properly. Works on Google Photos well enough.

Pretty much identical to the Simple Gallery app. The slideshow feature is broken in Simple Gallery, but it works inside this app, so I am now using this instead.

It’s a re-work of the open source now apparently abandoned Simple Gallery. It’s a very good Gallery app at its core and now it is even an improvement over the original. They were successful at Fixing the bugs it’s predecessor ignored. This incarnationit is a top notch five star Gallery tool.

This app is a steal! It’s very customizable and it doesn’t have any ads, If you don’t wanna use Google gallery or something paid use this one, 5 stars

Like this app so much…coz my built-in gallery on my Redmi 9a took longer time to loading all videos and pictures…keep up for developer to make more better for the future

Great app, loved it Easy to use, almost no empty useless space, great design! But today I’ve encountered a bug – all of my pictures stopped showing in full then I opened them What was happening: I open some album, everything is fine, as usual I click image – it doesn’t show in full screen, just left upper corner, the rest is empty space! and this happened with every image in every album I’ve tried over app – images are fine I’ve managed to fix it with uninstall/install mb it will help someone

I’m loving it overall but I hope you can include gestures like tapping the sides of the images to go to the next or previous image

This is my favorite gallery app by design and features and would love to keep using it but unfortunately it doesn’t save thumbnails. I can see pictures loading in whenever moving around in a folder, they never save. That’s bad because i can’t see quickly where i’m at and the black fade in while scrolling around the gallery gets old fast. This is not the case in any other gallery app i have tried. Please change that.

This app is shadowed from search results with web dark patterns, as it is the best alternative for your devices spying gallery app

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